Dr. John D. Morris

Professor Emeritus at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Morris serves as a Methodologist in the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology in the College of Education. His research agenda encompasses a wide array of methodological topics largely drawn from multivariate models, with particular interest in prediction methods, psychometric theory, and computer simulation methods. He has published 170 national/international refereed articles and papers, primarily as first author, that examine such topics as the effect of collinearity and potentially resultant validity concentration on the performance of alternative prediction model weighting algorithms, and methods to explore optimizing coefficient alpha. These have been published in such peer-reviewed methodology journals as Psychological Bulletin, Multivariate Behavioral Research, the American Educational Research Journal, Educational and Psychological Measurement, and the Journal of Marketing Research. Dr. Morris has served as Principal Statistician or Co-Investigator on government sponsored research grants. He teaches multivariate statistics, psychometric theory, and facilitates a seminar in research proposal development. Dr. Morris mentors faculty and doctoral students from substantive areas of health, psychology, business and education, to become independent investigators. Additionally, he was awarded the title Educational Researcher of the Year from the Florida Educational Research Association.

John D. Morris

John D. Morris

Professor Emeritus
Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology

Office Phone: 561-297-3550
Office Location: ED 47 - 259
Campus: Boca