AIT (Accelerated Induction into Teaching)

COE The Accelerated Induction into Teaching (AIT) program is a collaborative program between FAU and the local school districts to address teacher shortages. AIT Student Teachers serve as full-time teachers during their final semester and have complete responsibility for their own classrooms.

Teamwork fosters an environment for the AIT Student Teachers to apply effective teaching competencies. To insure success, the program provides three levels of support: a mentor provides direct classroom support, university supervisors provide the evaluative service, and a school based peer teacher provides on-site assistance.

AIT Student Teachers are under contract with the partnering district during the school district semester and receive a $5,000 stipend.

Frequently Asked Questions

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AIT "I now have my very own class of 20 kindergartners who I love more than anything. My days are full of laughs, smiles, hugs, high fives, and an infinite amount of meaningful moments that bring such joy to my world. I wouldn't have days like this without the unique AIT program offered by FAU. I am now one step closer to my dreams of being an educator. Not to mention, this program gave me a lifelong friend that I call my mentor. This entire process is unforgettable and I wouldn't change it for the world."
Ashley Mucinski,
Elementary Education, Kindergarten, AIT, 2016

"The AIT program at FAU has enriched my teaching life greatly. I had the IMMENSE privilege of working with a natural teacher. You know when you meet a teacher who just has IT...that special spark that makes them light up a classroom? Well, Ashley was born to be a kindergarten teacher. I fell in love with her and her sweet kindergartners instantly. The semester had its challenges - six students who spoke NO English, behavior issues, scheduling issues, and lack of support from administration and parents. We worked through each of these together, and with each step, I witnessed Ashley taking the reigns more firmly. It has been one of my most proud experiences in Education to help this young teacher believe in herself as an educator! "
Louise Waterfield,
AIT Mentor, 2016

COE “Applying for the AIT program was the best decision for me because I felt like I was ready to have my own class. With support from my FAU mentor, my peer teacher mentor, administration from my school, and my university supervisor, I have been successful in the classroom. The AIT program is not by any means the easy way out of student teaching. I'm very thankful for the whole experience, the ups and the downs, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.”
Michael Taylor,
Elementary Education, 5th Grade, AIT, 2016

Accelerated Induction into Teaching (AIT) FAQs

When should I apply for the AIT Program?

You should apply for the AIT Program during the semester prior to your scheduled student teaching semester.

What are the additional application requirements necessary for consideration in the AIT program?

To be eligible for AIT you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Apply and be fully approved for Student Teaching.
  2. Completion of all coursework prior to student teaching semester.
  3. Passing of all tests (all parts of the FTCE) prior to placement for student teaching.
  4. Minimum overall GPA of 3.0.
  5. Submit references as requested.

All Applications are reviewed by the Department of Teaching and Learning. Meeting eligibility does not guarantee inclusion in the program. The Department will consider additional factors including, but not limited to, ethics, professionalism, additional experience, and progress toward degree.

What does the AIT Student Teaching experience include?

  1. The AIT Student Teacher has 100% of the responsibility for the class from the first contractual day of the semester.
  2. Instead of a Clinical Educator, the AIT Student Teacher is supported by an experienced educator who serves as a mentor in the AIT classroom.
  3. AIT teacher candidates have a thorough awareness of Florida’s Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) .
  4. The AIT teacher is under contract with the district as an AIT for the full district semester (not the FAU semester) and receives a $5000 stipend. Fall semester AIT teacher candidates may be hired into their positions from January to June and are paid as regular first-year teachers. Spring semester AIT teacher candidates may be reappointed to their positions for the following school year.