Adult HangoutS

Adult Social Group with Autism

Adult Hangouts

All adults (18+) who are registered with FAU CARD are welcome. Join us to meet new people, find common interests, and develop friendships.

Palm Beach: Meetings are held monthly, primarily online with some in-person events each year. Virtual Hangouts are centered around an interactive online activity, such as games, trivia, escape rooms or creative arts. In-person Hangouts are held within the community for activities such as miniature golf, pizza nights, campus and community events.

Treasure Coast: Meetings are held monthly in-person at various locations within the community. Events may include miniature golf, pizza nights, sporting and community events.

Please note: Individual’s must be able to attend safely and independently. Constant supervision cannot be guaranteed throughout in-person events. The individual must be able to navigate the community with little support and must remain in the area. If the individual does not meet this requirement, a support person must also attend.

If you are interested in learning more, contact your FAU CARD Clinician or contact us at (561) 213-5751 or