Black Initiatie

Black Initiative An Under-Representation in Autism A Grant Funded Initiative of FAU CARD

While research shows progress, there still exist an under-identi cation of individuals with autism spectrum disorder among Black children and adults, both nationally and within the FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities 5-county area (Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee). Research indicates that the earlier a child is identi ed and receives appropriate services, the better the prognosis and outcome. Without identi cation, Blacks with autism spectrum disorder will not receive appropriate educational and therapeutic services and they will not maximize their personal potential.

Did you know that our Black Under-Representation Initiative and our Black ASD Identification Research Expansion Project helps to spread awareness and implement an action plan for change of autism in the Black community. Our initiative has been and continues to be successful throughout Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast.

Black* - of or relating to any of various population groups including, but not limited to, African-American, Caribbean, Haitian, Nigerian, Kenyan