iRISE2 Mentoring Program


By dedicating just four hours of your time to attend four out of six quarterly online activities, you can support an individual with autism in developing essential skills for thriving in their community. With the assistance of Florida Atlantic CARD, your commitment can truly make a positive impact on their life.

Become a Mentor

Mentoring Requirements

18 years of age

Must be at least 18
years of age


Attend 4 out of 6
quarterly online activites.

iRise background

Complete free FAU volunteer
background screening

Mentoring benefits for individuals with autism Role of mentors in enhancing life with autism spectrum disorder How does mentoring help contribute to a life with autism?

To Become A Protégé

Benefits of mentor relationships for individuals with autism

11 - 35 years
of age

Enhancing autistic lives through mentoring programs

Must be registered

Mentoring impacts on autism life skills and independence

Meet developmental expectations, be self-motivated to engage with their mentor,
and be able to navigate Zoom independently

Learn more about becoming a MENTOR or protégé:

ALEX: Program Coordinator
561-212-8094 or
JANET: Program Assistant
561-213-6936 or

A mentor is someone who allows you
to see the hope inside yourself.

Thank you Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Foundation for your continuous support to FAU CARD.