Autism Friendly Business Program

Inclusion, Community, Opportunities

Autism Friendly Business Program

What is the Autism Friendly Business Program?

FAU CARD’s Autism Friendly Business objectives are to increase autism awareness and support community inclusion by creating safe spaces and no judgment zones for people with autism and their families. To achieve these goals, FAU CARD provides businesses with the training and support needed to increase understanding and sensitivity about autism and related disabilities. Upon completion of the training, the business will receive a decal, which they can proudly display to identify their business as “Autism Friendly”. Businesses will also be acknowledged on the FAU CARD website. Support community inclusion and become part of the Autism Friendly Business initiative!

Autism Friendly Business Program - Jennifer P.

For more information, contact:

Caitlin O'Brien Fielding 
Clinical Support Specialist  

Autism Friendly Business Directory

Autism Friendly Business Program - Jennifer P.

Program Developer:

Dr. Jennifer Percival 
Assitant Director  

Autism Friendly Business Directory


What do people with autism have to do with my business?

It is estimated that 1 in 68 people are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Individuals and families want to be a consumer of your products, visit your business, or be employed by you. 

Goals for Autism Friendly Businesses:

  • Improve Autism Awareness
  • Expand Community Inclusion
  • Increase Opportunies


  • Create Visual Supports
    • Predict events
    • Anticipate change
    • Understand expectations
    • Make sense of environment
  • Use Social Stories
  • Sensory friendly time of day or event
  • Identify quiet space
  • Welcome kits


Modeled after the AFB program developed by USF CARD