Plan of Study

The IDEAL Program Plan of Study comprises 15 courses, including three internships that are conducted at the student’s school with the guidance of their instructor and the support of their school administrator mentor. The program is mandated in terms of coursework – you don’t have elective classes, and courses are scheduled on a pre-established rotation. The following table lists the coursework that you need to take for your degree:

Leadership Foundations Coursework
ADE 6381 Leadership 1 - Adult Learning & Assessment 3
EDS 6100 Leadership 2 - Theory & Assessment 3
EDA 6103 Leadership 3 - Administrative Processes 3
Education Foundations Coursework
STA 6113 Statistical Methods in Education 3
EDF 6481 Educational Research Methods (pre- or co-requisite: Stat. Methods) 3
Professional Knowledge Coursework
EDA 6207 School Operations 3
EDF 6786 Law, Policy and Politics 3
EDS 6050 Instructional Leadership 1 3
EDS 6052 Instructional Leadership 2 (prerequisite: Instructional Leadership 1) 3
EDA 6300 Systems and Community 3
EDA 6931 Contemporary Trends in Education 3
Experiential Coursework
EDA 6945 Fall Internship 3
EDA 6946 Spring Internship 3
EDA 6947 Summer Internship 3

IMPORTANT: Additional Graduation Requirements

  • ESOL Endorsement -- Candidates in public schools who have not met their ESOL/ELL requirement of sixty (60) hours of ESOL district in-service points, or three (3) credit hours in a survey type ESOL course, must take TSL 4324 ESOL Strategies for Content Area Teachers prior to program completion. All other candidates must provide proof of ESOL Endorsement or Certification or may opt to take TSL 4324 ESOL Strategies for Content Area Teachers.
  • There is no thesis requirement for this program.

All candidates must provide evidence to the Department of Educational Leadership that these requirements have been satisfied.