Adult & Community Education

Adult and Community Education Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Adult and Community Education Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) The Adult and Community Educational Leadership programs serves individuals preparing for leadership positions in education programs for adults in a wide variety of settings: Universities and community colleges, business and industry, health and social service agencies, government and non-profit agencies. The programs within this area provide broad experiences that allow leaders to bring many different perspectives to bear on the organizational problems and opportunities which confront them in practice.

Capable reflective decision-makers have the means to teach students or service clients effectively and understand the responsibilities involved in the role. For the Department of Educational Leadership, capable reflective decision-makers require experiential knowledge, which is provided through the experiential courses specific to each program area.

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Areas of Emphasis:

  • Leadership Foundation
  • Professional Knowledge (Adult and Community Education)
  • Experiential Component
  • Research Foundation

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Kathy DuBois

Kathy DuBois
Program Assistant
Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
College of Education
(T) 561.297.3550
Building (ED-47), Room 260
Boca Raton Campus