Multicultural Education Certificate

The Multicultural Education certificate provides educators and decision makers knowledge of the philosophical, historical and social foundations of education to strengthen their capacities in pedagogical practice, curriculum development, community engagement, leadership and decision making that values the rich diversity of our local and global contexts.

Contact Information

Jodi Cantor

Jodi Cantor

Office Manager
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: ED 47 - 495
Campus: Boca

Students may earn a graduate certificate in Multicultural Education by fulfilling the requirements listed below for a total of 15 credits.

Required Courses (12 credits)

Course CRN Credits
Black Perspectives in Education EDF 6615 3
Race, Class and Gender in Education EDF 6637 3
Foundations of Multicultural Curriculum EDF 6887 3
Action Research in Schools and Communities EDF 6918 3 (Capstone course)


Choose one course (3 credits)

Course CRN Credits
Foundations of Global Education EDF 6800 3
Multicultural Education EDG 5705 3
Another course may be used with approval of the advisor. 3

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