About the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Message from the chair

Charles Dukes, Ed.D., Ph.D. Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI) in Florida Atlantic’s College of Education (COE). I am Dr. Charles Dukes, the department chair. With great enthusiasm, I welcome you to our department. As chair, I am privileged to work with a collection of faculty members and colleagues dedicated to student success, program development, and professional excellence in their respective fields.

We aim to offer students the opportunity to undertake deep study in curriculum and instruction from various perspectives. We are home to world-class faculty scholars in Critical Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology, Instructional Technology, Math, Science, and Reading Education. Our mission is to prepare effective professional educators who excel in K-12 classrooms, settings outside schools, instructional design, content coaching, or curriculum development.

Our degree programs are nationally recognized, are accessible (e.g., online and hybrid), and provide preparation for initial certification for the professional interested in pursuing a career in education or advanced training for the adult learner seeking further professional development.

Contact us to learn about our faculty, programs, and what makes us outstanding. We look forward to being your academic home.

Charles Dukes, Ed.D., Ph.D.