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Pictured above: Dr. Melissa Mariani (Assistant Professor) is recognized at FAU's 47th Annual Honors Convocation

The Department of Counselor Education is home to ten full-time tenured and tenure-track professors and the Department Chair. Our award-winning faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their fields, having a strong record of research productivity, excellent teaching evaluations, and outstanding university service and national service to the counseling profession. In recent years, the department has contributed approximately 25% of the publications in FAU’s College of Education and has a proven record of procuring external grant funding, placing the program at a competitive level among similar counseling programs across the country.

Here you will find the latest information about research-related news, including recent awards, books, articles, graduate dissertations, and other publications, most of which can be accessed directly online below.

Faculty Award Lineup: 2015-2019

Dr. Kelly Emelianchik-Key: 2017 ACA Best Practices Research Award (2017); SACES Outstanding Program Clinical Supervisor (2017)

Dr. Michael Frain: 2016 ARCA Best Paper Award, Second Place Winner (2016)

Dr. Len Sperry: 2019 Scholar of the Year Award (Professor Level); Faulk Center for Counseling's 2016 Community Impact Award for Educational Excellence (2016)

Dr. Brian Canfield: 2016 FCA Advocate of the Year, presented by the Florida Counseling Association (2016)

Dr. Greg Brigman: COE Researcher of the Year, Professor Level (2016)

Dr. Elizabeth Villares: COE Scholar of the Year, Assoc. Professor Level (2016); COE Researcher of the Year. Associate Professor Level (2017)

Dr. Melissa Mariani: FAU & COE Scholar of the Year, Asst. Professor Level (2016)

Dr. Paul Peluso: Presidential Award, presented by the American Counseling Association (2015)

In the Press: Dr. Paul Peluso makes headlines: "Counseling Journal Led By Department Chair Now Tops in Field"


According to FAU Division of Research's publication, Research Weekly, "The American Counseling Association recently ranked a journal edited by an FAU professor as No. 1 by impact factor in the field of counseling. Since 2012, Paul Peluso, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Counselor Education, has served as editor of Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development."

"It has been exciting to see this process from beginning to end and to be able to set the bar high for research integrity and publication," he said. "The resulting impact factor and the fact that we are the highest ranked journal for the American Counseling Association is a testament to the team effort that the editorial board has put in."

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Publication Spotlight: Mental Health and Mental Disorders (Published Dec. 2015)


Congratulations to Dr. Len Sperry, as well as the other Department of Counselor Education faculty members, graduates, and students, who partnered on the recently published three-volume encyclopedia, Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being (2015).

This exciting book provides an integral introduction to the fields of mental health and mental disorders that is written specifically for students and interested lay readers.

Affectionately referred to as the "FAU Encyclopedia" due to its high-level of faculty and graduate collaboration, its associate editors include our own Alexandra Cunningham, Ph.D., Melissa A. Mariani, Ph.D. Mindy Parsons, Ph.D., and Steven R. Vensel, Ph.D.

Contributors include Elizabeth Smith Kelsey, Ph.D., Jon Sperry, Ph.D., Ashley J. Luedke, Ph.D., Christina Ladd, Ph.D., Layven Reguero, M.Ed., Jeremy Connelly, M.Ed., and George Stoupas, Ph.D. candidate.

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Faculty Book Showcase: 2014 - 2018

Brigman, G., Webb, L., and Villares, E.
Evidence-based School Counseling: A Student Success Approach

Routledge Publishing, Taylor and Francis Group, 2018

Gill, C.S. and Freund, R.R. Spirituality and Religion in Counseling: Competency-Based Strategies for Ethical Practice

Routledge Publishing, Taylor and Francis Group, 2018

Sperry, J. and Sperry, L. Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Counseling Practice

Routledge Publishing, Taylor and Francis Group, 2018

Zyromski, B. & Mariani, M.
Facilitating Evidence-Based, Data-Driven School Counseling: A Manual for Practice

Corwin, published March 28, 2016


Sperry, L., Carlson, J., Duba-Sauerheber, J., & Sperry, J. (Eds.).
Psychopathology and Psychotherapy: DSM-5 Diagnosis, Case Conceptualization and Treatment
Routledge, published August 3, 2014

Faculty Published Articles: 2015-2016

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