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8/28/19 - Danna Demezier, doctoral student, named as the Holmes Scholar of the Month for August 2019

Congratulations to Danna Demezier, Holmes Scholar of the Month for August 2019! Demezier is pursuing a doctorate in counselor education at Florida Atlantic University.

Read more in AACTE’s blog, Ed Prep Matters.

Danna Demezier

                                              Pictured above: Danna Demezier (Doctoral Student)

4/18/18 - Congratulations to FAU's Chi Sigma Iota's FIRST Emerging Leader: Danielle Panariello

Danielle Panariello was honored at the "Spring 2018 Chi Sigma Iota - Beta Rho Chi's Grand Banquet and Induction Ceremony", which was held on Thursday, April 12th.

Additionally, Danielle has been featured on the Department of Counselor Education's April 2018 Student Spotlight (read more).

Daniella Panariello

                                              Pictured above: Danielle Panariello (M.Ed. in Counselor Education)

3/5/18 - Congratulations to Ayse Torres, Ph.D., for receiving "2018 COE Outstanding Dissertation Award"

Our recent doctoral graduate, Ayse Torres (Ph.D., 2017), was recognized for her ground-breaking research in her dissertation entitled, "The Impact of Motivational Interviewing Training on Rehabilitation Counselors Assessing Working Alliance and Client Engagement: A Randomized Control Trial." Dr. Michael Frain served as committee chair, and Dr. Charles Dukes and Dr. Greg Brigman served as members on the committee.

The accomplishment will be recognized at the College of Education Honors Ceremony on Thursday, May 3, 2018.


                                                             Pictured above: Ayse Torres (Ph.D, Fall 2017)

8/17/17 - Counselor Ed welcomes Dr. Hannah Bowers during COE's 2017 Welcome Back Ceremony

Dr. Bowers, Assistant Professor of School Counseling, was among the new faculty and staff members introduced to the FAU community at the College of Education event.


Pictured above: Dr. Greg Brigman, Dr. Elizabeth Villares, Dr. Melissa Mariani, Dr. Brian Canfield, Dr. Hannah Bowers, and Dr. Paul Peluso

8/6/17 - Congratulations to Summer 2017 Graduates

Dr. Cheryl Bottini, one of our recent Ph.D. graduates, celebrated her achievements at the Summer 2017 Commencement Ceremony.


Pictured above: Dr. Cheryl Bottini (recent Ph.D. graduate) and Dr. Greg Brigman (dissertation chair)

6/22/17 - FAU Alumnus, Dr. George Stoupas (Ph.D., 2016), joins Florida Certification Board’s Behavioral Health Advisory Council

According to the organization’s website, “The purpose of the council is to provide direction to the FCB Board of Directors on policy related issues, ethical violations and other issues impacting the certified population.”


For more information about the FCB, please visit:

6/16/17 - MECD's impact factor is boosted; AARC congratulates outgoing editor, Dr. Paul Peluso and editorial team

According to Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC), "the new 2016 impact factor for the Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development journal (MECD) increased from 0.902 to 1.047.The 5-year Impact Factor now stands at 1.364, and MECD is ranked 43rd out of 58 journals in the Psychology Educational category."


To read the journal, check out the website.  

4/1/17 - Lead article in Journal of Counseling & Development (Volume 95, Issue 2) is a collaborative effort between current and former doctoral students and Department Chair, Dr. Peluso

"Predicting Dropout in Counseling Using Affect Coding of the Therapeutic Relationship: An Empirical Analysis" is featured in the April 2017 edition of JCD. It is written by Ashley J. Luedke (Ph.D., 2013), Paul R. Peluso (Ph.D.), Patricia Diaz (Ph.D. candidate), Robert Freund (Ph.D., 2016), and Andrew Baker (Ph.D. candidate).


To access the article, visit the journal's website.

3/16/17-3/19/17 - Dr. Emelianchik-Key is awarded "Best Practices Research Award" at the ACA 2017 Conference & Expo

Dr. Emelianchik-Key and her co-authors, Dr. Amanda LaGuardia and Dr. Rebekah Byrd (not pictured), were recognized for their research at the Awards Ceremony.


Pictured above: Dr. Richard Yep (CEO of the American Counseling Association), Dr. Emelianchik-Key (Award Winner), and Dr. Amanda LaGuardia (Award Winner)

3/16/17-3/19/17 - Faculty and Students Attend the ACA Conference & Expo 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Counselor Education faculty, and current and former students, were proud to represent Florida Atlantic University at one of the most exciting national counseling events of the year!


Pictured above: Dr. Rob Freund (Ph.D., 2016), Dr. Ashley Luedke (Ph.D., 2013), Dr. Paul Peluso (Chair and Professor),and Andrew Baker (Ph.D. candidate)

2/21/17 - Dr. Emelianchik-Key, Assistant Professor, wins one of the 2017 ACA National Awards

Dr. Emelianchik-Key is identified as an honoree for the Best Practices Research Award. For more information, visit the ACA website.


12/13/16 - Watch Vassilia Binensztok, Ph.D. Candidate, compete in 3MT Competition

Here, the FAU 3MT Heat 4 Winner delivers a stunning performance as she speaks on her dissertation topic, "Reflective Practice and Student Counselors' Case Conceptualization Skills."

11/4/16 - Dr. Len Sperry wins "Community Impact Award for Education Excellence"

On November 3, 2016, Dr. Len Sperry was recognized for his tremendous achievements at the 2016 Faulk Center for Counseling Community Impact Awards.


Pictured above: Dr. Paul Peluso, Dr. Len Sperry (Community Impact Award Winner), and Dr. Hovi Shroff (Caring Heart Award Recipient and FAU alumna)

10/20/16 - Vassilia Binensztok, Ph.D. candidate, wins first prize in Three Minute Thesis (3MT) preliminary heat

It is not easy to summarize a dissertation in three minutes (or to do so with style and grace), but Vassilia gave an impressive performance.


Pictured above: Megan Lipsky (Second Runner Up, Arts & Letters), Vassilia Binenzstok (Heat Winner, Counselor Education), and Mikhail Guseynov (First Runner-Up, College of Business)

8/18/16 - Celebrating the New Academic Year with the 2016 COE Welcome Back Party

Our Clinical Mental Health faculty rang in the Fall 2016 semester by welcoming new additions to the Counselor Education team, including Dr. Brian Canfield (Professor), and a new staff member, Mikaela Kursell.


Pictured above: Dr. Brian Canfield (Professor), Dr. Len Sperry (Professor), Dr. Paul Peluso (Chair and Professor), and Dr. Carman Gill (Professor)

8/9/16 - Congratulations to our Summer 2016 graduates

Two of our Ph.D. candidates were happy to celebrate their achievements during the Commencement Ceremony on August 9, 2016, held in the Carole and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Center.


Pictured above: Dr. Greg Brigman (Professor), Clifford Mack (Ph.D. candidate), Sheresa Fairclough (Ph.D. candidate), and Dr. Paul Peluso (Chair and Professor)

6/15/16 - AARC gives a "shout out" to Dr. Peluso for his editorial role in boosting impact factor of Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development

AARC credits and congratulates Dr. Peluso, Editor-in-Chief of MECD, and the rest of the editorial team for helping the journal to "nearly double its scholarly importance" in the last year. According to Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC), "MECD has the highest impact factor rating of any ACA journal with an impact factor of .902!"


To read the journal, check out the website.  

5/5/16 - School Counseling Faculty recognized at 2016 COE Honors and Awards Ceremony

The College of Education celebrated the remarkable achievements of Dr. Greg Brigman, who received COE Researcher of the Year; Dr. Elizabeth Villares, who was recognized as COE Scholar of the Year (Associate Professor); and Dr. Mariani, recipient of the COE Scholar of the Year award (Assistant Professor).

 Dr. Villares

Pictured above: Dr. Elizabeth Villares (Associate Professor) and Dr. Donald Torok (Associate Dean)

5/5/16 - Cindy Khan-Jordan receives COE "Outstanding Graduate Award" for Counselor Education

Cindy Khan-Jordan was presented with the award at the College of Education's Honors and Awards Ceremony.

Cindy Khan

Pictured above: Cindy Khan-Jordan and Dr. Carman Gill (Professor)


4/27/16 - FAU's "Research Weekly" Features Dr. Melissa Mariani

Dr. Mariani is one of six winners of the 2016 Scholar of the Year Award who was presented with a plaque at the 47th Annual Honors Convocation last week.

For a complete list of winners, visit the website.

4/20/16 - 4/22/16 - Ph.D. Candidate highly ranked at NCRE Conference

Cindy Khan-Jordan's scientific poster presentation, titled "The Effects of Motivational Interviewing on the Self-Determination of Minority Clients in Vocational Rehabilitation," was ranked #15 out of 145 presentations.

Cindy Khan

4/20/16 - 4/22/16 Camaraderie at the NCRE Conference

After a busy day of panels and poster presentations, the Clinical Rehabilitation group break bread at the National Council for Rehabilitation Educators conference.

Rehab Group

Pictured above: Dr. Michael Frain (Professor), April Rosenblatt (M.Ed. student in the Clinical Rehabilitation track), and Cindy Khan-Jordan (PhD candidate)

4/20/16 - Dr. Mariani wins FAU's 2016 Scholar of the Year Award

In recognition of her outstanding achievements in research, Dr. Melissa Mariani receives the 2016 Scholar of Year Award at FAU's 47th Annual Honors Convocation.

Dr. Mariani

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