On-Campus Interview Program

The FAU Career Center hosts an On-Campus Interview program that brings numerous organizations to campus during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

Eligibility for On-Campus Interviews

  • Completion of Student Profile on Handshake
  • Upload your updated resume onto Handshake for approval
  • The on-campus interview program is only open to current students and alumni


  • Use Handshake to view the upcoming on-campus interview schedules, review position information and qualifications, and submit your resume to request an interview. *Please note that new interview opportunities are posted often so be sure to visit Handshake to view new updates.
  • Interviews take place on both the Boca Raton campus and the Davie campus. Pay attention to the location of the interview.
  • If selected for an interview, you will be notified by Handshake. Once notified that you have been selected, you must schedule your interview on Handshake. On-campus interviews typically last 30-45 minutes.
  • On-campus interviews take place in the FAU Career Center in Student Support Services (SU-80) room 220 (Boca Raton) or LA 109 (Davie). Professional business attire is required, and you should arrive at least 10 minutes before your interview time. Be sure to always bring extra copies of your resume to your interview.
  • To prepare for interviews, the Career Center recommends that you review the information available under Interview web page
  • Prior to your interview, we encourage you to review the job description on Handshake and to research the employer using the print materials you collected at a career fair and/or the company’s website.
  • Questions should be directed at recruit@fau.edu

Apply for an On-Campus Interview 

  1. Log into Handshake using your MyFAU login information
  2. Select the Jobs link at the top of your Handshake homepage
  3. Select On-Campus Interviews on the top right of the page
  4. Select the company with which you would like to interview
  5. Click on the job for which you would like to interview and apply for the job
  6. Once you have been chosen by an employer for an On-campus interview, you will receive a notification in Handshake and an email from Handshake to schedule your time slot
  7. Select the interview in order to see all available time slots. Simply select "Take Slot" to reserve that time for yourself to interview. If for any reason you need to change your time slot to a different time, you can either simply select a new time slot it is open or you can "request to swap" with another students, but it is not guaranteed the swap will be approved


No Show/Cancellation Policy

General Policy

The FAU Career Center requires that all students/alumni participating in the On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program cancel interviews in advance if they cannot keep an interview appointment as scheduled. When a student fails to cancel an interview in a timely fashion or does not appear for the interview, those actions reflect poorly on the student as an individual and on the University as a whole. Not only is the employer inconvenienced, but this action may also deprive another student of a valuable interview opportunity. These situations, if not taken seriously, may also have long-term implications on the University's overall relationships with employers, which in turn could impact the number of employers recruiting at FAU.

The FAU Career Center advises students to take special note of the following Cancellation and No Show Policy procedures:

How do I cancel an interview?

Students must cancel interviews no later than one (1) business day before the scheduled interview date to avoid a penalty.  To cancel follow these steps:

  1. Login to Handshake
  2. Select Jobs from the top menu
  3. Select Applications
  4. Locate your pending interview 
  5. Click on the interview title
  6. On the next page, click on Leave Slot

 Note: Students will only be able to cancel online before 11:59 pm through the stated Sign-up End date noted under Timeline on the interview page. The Sign-up End date varies by employer and schedule -- typically from 2-4 days before the interview date.

What if I missed the deadline to cancel?

If there is no option to cancel the slot, then the deadline to cancel has been missed and the FAU Career Center must be contacted immediately by calling (561) 297-3533 by 5:00 pm, or sending an email to recruit@fau.edu.  Students must provide complete details: name, FAU net ID, company name, date/time of interview and position number/title.

Note:  Violations to this policy will result in a penalty.  Refer to the Late Cancellations and No Shows section below for penalties and appeal procedures if you are canceling late or fail to show up for your appointments.

What if I have an emergency the day of the interview?

In the event of a sudden illness or extreme personal emergency on the interview day, students are expected to contact the FAU Career Center at (561) 297-3533 no later than 8:30 am.

Late Cancellations and No-Shows Violation Penalties and Appeal Process

If students cancel appointments with less than one (1) business day notice (late cancellation) or fail to show up for an interview (no-show), the FAU Career Center will treat these instances seriously and will enforce a system with the following penalties:


First Violation

Second Violation


Late Cancellation (canceling an interview with less than one (1) day notice)

Warning email and will be required to meet with a career counselor.


Handshake account will be blocked for the remainder of the semester.

Meet with Director of Career Education and Coaching.

No-Show (fail to appear for an interview with no prior   notice)

Warning email and will be required to meet with a career counselor.

Handshake account will be blocked for the remainder of the semester.


Meet with Director of Career Education and Coaching.


What does it mean to have my Handshake Account blocked?

Students will not be able to submit resumes, schedule interviews or view interview schedules.  Students whose Handshake account is blocked will need to call the FAU Career Center at (561) 297-3533 to schedule a counseling appointment.

Employers will not be able to send invitations for interviews or download applications for jobs students had already applied.

It is important to note that students will be expected to honor all previously arranged interviews during their suspension period. Because students will not have access to view their account during this suspension period, students will have to contact the Career Center to request information about prior set interview schedules. Email recruit@fau.edu to request a copy of any upcoming interview schedule.

Students will be notified by the Director of Career Education & Coaching of their suspension. Students may appeal their suspension if there were extenuating circumstances (as outlined below). If no appeal is made, the FAU Career Center will automatically deactivate the student’s Handshake access for the prescribed time frame (duration of the semester).

What is the Appeal Process?

Students may appeal their suspension if there were extenuating circumstances that resulted in a late cancellation or a no show for an interview.  Acceptable excuses might include a car accident, sudden hospitalization, family emergency, etc. - all subject to possible verification.  Unacceptable excuses would include last-minute preparation for exams, projects or term papers, getting up late, forgetting, or not checking your OCI schedule.

Follow these appeal procedures:

  • Send an email to recruit@fau.edu within 48 hours explaining why you canceled late or did not show up for the interview.  Include the organization name, schedule number, interview date and time for your missed appointment.

  • If there were any substantiating documentation (medical excuse, car towing receipt, accident report, etc.), students are encouraged to email that documentation to the FAU Career Center at recruit@fau.edu.

  • Upon receipt of this information, a committee will review your case and advise you of the final decision.