FAU Internship Spotlight

Want to share with everyone that awesome internship you are in? Enter below for a chance to be featured on our weekly “Internship Spotlight” post on the @FAUCareerCenter Instagram page and increase your personal brand! Tell us what NACE career skills you use at your internship and how you apply them.

What you need to submit (email below to intern@fau.edu):

  1. A high quality image or short video of you working at your internship (try to upload an interesting image; more than one is recommended).
  2. A short paragraph of where you work and what NACE career skills you use. Please be sure to include the following information:
    • Name
    • Major
    • School Year
    • Internship Company Name
    • Position Title
    • Instagram handle (optional)

Internship Spotlight Examples

2 students posting about their internship