Two-Year Career Action Plan

Create your strategy for gaining experience and successfully building toward your future. Become internship and career ready. Regularly visit with a career coach throughout your time at FAU.

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Specific Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Narrow your career focus and follow companies/organizations/programs of interest on social media, Handshake or LinkedIn.
  • Explore graduate school & speak to faculty to learn about programs and graduate student positions to help fund your education.
  • Identify graduate school & internship search resources to organize your search.

Prepare for the Internship/Job Search

  • Create a resume and get it critiqued with a career coach.
  • Identify internships or organizations in Handshake of interest.
  • Do a practice mock interview to gain experience with interviewing.
  • Attend the Internship & Part-Time Job Fair (available every fall and spring semester).
  • Get a free Professional Headshot at the Career Centers’ in-house photo studio & professional attire, as needed,
  • from the Owl’s Professional Clothes Closet.
  • Participate in a job shadow experience through the FAU ExSEL program.


  • Consider what types of companies or locations you are interested in working at and attend networking events, workshops and career fairs to start making connections.
  • Utilize Handshake’s Student-Alumni Community Resource or Owl Alumni Networks to connect with FAU alumni who had similar experiences and interests.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile, join LinkedIn groups of interest and connect with 25 individuals that you find interesting.

Secure an Internship

  • Apply to internships the semester before you intend to intern.
  • Consider earning academic credit for your internship and enrolling in IDS3949.
  • Find ways to stand out at your internship by meeting with an Internship Specialist.
  • Attend the JCPenney Suit-Up event or visit the Owl Professional Clothes Closet to start building your professional wardrobe.

Recommended Online Tools
Utilize LinkedIn, Handshake and Owl Networks
Handshake Job/Internship and employer postings

Apply for Jobs and/or Graduate Programs

  • Research and learn companies’ benefit options and decide what is important to you.
  • Prepare and submit application materials for jobs or graduate programs.
  • Prepare to take graduate entrance exams (GRE, MCAT, LSAT), if needed, or obtain other certifications/licensures related to your career goals.
  • Consolidate your post-graduation strategy and plans.
  • Attend the Career Expo, other career fairs and other networking fairs.

Prepare for the Transition from College to Career

  • Learn how to make an impact at your first job out of college and how to leverage your skills to stand out.
  • Adapt to a new work schedule by using calendar tools such as Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • Update your professional headshot.

Maintain Networking Contacts

  • Stay connected with faculty and colleagues after you leave FAU.
  • Join the FAU Alumni Association.
  • Remain active on Handshake and LinkedIn.

Note- Handshake is available to you as an alumni and career services are free up to one-year post-graduation.

Recommended Online Tools

FAU Handshake
FAU Alumni Association