SLS 1301: Career and Life Planning Course

SLS 1301 is a 1-credit course offered each fall and spring semester for students interested in exploring career options, understanding how to make an informed decision about choosing their major as well as getting a head start on the right career path. The intended audience for the class is freshmen and sophomore students. Below you will find more detailed information about the course:

This course provides an overview of career development theories and decision-making skills for career/life planning. It focuses on self-assessment, choosing a major, exploring career options and developing an action plan to help achieve career goals. The course engages students in the use of critical thinking skills in evaluating their interests, values, skills, and personality in order to understand how personal characteristics influence career choices. There will be strong emphasis on the development of oral and written communication skills as essential competencies for any future careers. Students who take this class will:

  • Complete online career assessments inventories
  • Conduct informational interviews with FAU alumni mentors
  • Formulate an action plan for achieving career goals
  • Use various information resources to research academic majors and career options.

*For more information on the Career and Life Planning course contact the FAU Career Center at 561-297-3533

 Last Modified 12/22/16