Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 10 AM
Ft. Lauderdale Campus - HEC
Board of Trustees Conference Room, 11th Floor
Call in #:  1 888 207-9997    Password:  FAUOWLS
President’s Office (561) 297-3450


Call to Order and Roll Call

Trustee Sherry Plymale


Approval of Minutes - June 28, 2006

Trustee Plymale


Chairman's Report

Trustee Plymale


Strategic Planning Committee

Trustee Nancy Blosser, Chair


SP: A-1. Revision of the BOT Policies and Procedures Manual

Trustee Plymale


SP: A-2. Approval of the Educational Plant Survey

Mr. Tom Donaudy


SP: A-3. Approval of the Tradition School Documents
1. Funding Agreement
2. Agreement to Construction of School Facilities
3. Ground Lease
4. Sub-Lease Agreement

Mr. Glenn Thomas


Academic and Student Affairs

Trustee Scott Adams, Chair


AS: A-1. Approval of Candidates for Tenure as a Condition of Employment

Dr. Diane Alperin


AS: A-2. Approval of Change in "Classification of Instructional Program" (CIP) Code for the M.S. in Teaching Mathematics

Dr. Alperin


AS: A-3. Approval of New Degrees
a) M.S. in Music Business Admininstration
b) M.S. in Bioengineering

Dr. John Pritchett
Dr. Dennis Coates
Dr. Sandra Norman
Dr. Karl Stevens
Dr. Gary Perry


AS: A-4. Approval of Notice of Proposed Regulation Amendment

Mr. David Kian


AS: I-1. Update on Enrollment and Degree Production -Update on Educational and Employment Outcomes

Dr. Pritchett


Audit and Finance Committee

Trustee Norman Tripp, Chair


AF: A-1. Approval of Resolution Establishing Investment Account(s) with the State Board of Administration

Dr. Kenneth Jessell


AF: A-2. Approval of Florida Atlantic University Bonding Policy

Dr. Jessell


AF: I-1. Presentation of the First Quarter Status of FAU's 2006-2007 Operating Budget, July 1-September 30, 2006, including 2005-2006 Fourth Quarter

Dr. Jessell


President's Report

President Brogan


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New Business



BOT Member Comments



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