Department of Sociology

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Dr. Marsha Shapiro Rose

Dr. Marsha Shapiro Rose

Associate Professor of Sociology

(561) 297-3732

Teaching and Research Interests
Family and Society, Sociology of Education, Technology and Society, Women and Wealth

Courses Taught

Family and Society
Sociology of Education
Women and Wealth
Technology and Society
Introductory Sociology

Seminar in the Sociology of the Family
Seminar on Elites and Gender
Seminar on the Sociology of Technology

Selected Works
2004 "Wealth, Gender, and Inheritance Amongst the U.S. Elite: The Rockefellers and the Binghams," in Family Welfare: Gender, Property and Inheritance since the Seventeenth Century, edited by David R. Green and Alastair Owens. Greenwood Press.

2003 "Southern Feminism and Social Change: Sallie Bingham and the Kentucky Foundation for Women," in The New Deal and Beyond: Social Welfare in the South since 1930, edited by Elna C. Green. University of Georgia Press.

2002 "The Legacy of Wealth: Primogeniture Among the Rockefellers," Journal of Family History 27: 172-185.

Work in Progress:
"Technology and American Life Since 1945," Wadsworth Press Women and Wealth, proposed monograph.
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