Current Graduate Students


Malcolm Brown

BA Sociology, Florida Atlantic University (2017)

Interests: Self and Society; Class, Status, and Power; Pop Culture; Education; Race and Ethnicity

Danirah Downs

BA Sociology and Political Science, Florida Atlantic University (2017) Certificates in Ethnic Studies, Peace Studies, Ethics Law and Society, & Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Interests: Race and Ethnicity; Drugs and Society; Medical Sociology

Abigail Duncanson   


Kelly Fraidenburg

BA Sociology, Florida Atlantic University (2018)

Interests: Social Theory; Sociology of Culture; Sociology of Sport

Brianna Guinn

BA Sociology, Minor in Commercial Music, Florida Atlantic University (2018)

Interests: Gender and the Body; Human Sexuality; Environmental Sociology

Katherine Haggar

BA Sociology and English Literature, University of South Florida (2017)

Interests: Cultural Sociology; Social Theory; Social Inequalities; Social Psychology

Julia Hemer  

BA Sociology, University of Central Florida (2018)

Interests: Sociology of the Family; Popular Culture; Class, Status, and Power; Childhood, Gender and Beauty

Lucas Lopez-Arrastia  

BA Sociology, Minor in Political Science, Florida Atlantic University (2017)
Interests: Economy, Class, Race and Ethnicity, Labor, Cultural Sociology, Globalization, Colonialism 

Thelma Noel 

BA Sociology and English, Certificate in Women's Studies, Florida Atlantic University (2017)

Interests: Intersection of Multiculturalism, Sociology, and Written Language; Black Identity in the Diaspora; and Minority Representation in the Media



Karthik Balaji Ramanujam  


Adrian Rebegel  

BA in Sociology, Minors in Geography and Psychology, Florida International University (2019)

Interests: Social Theory (Modernism, Post Modernism), Cultural Sociology, Global Sociology, Poverty

David Sanchez

BA Sociology and Anthropology, Florida International University

Interests: Social Theory, Critical Theory; Culture; Deviance; Demography; Social Pathology

Jessica Shoemaker

BA Religion, University of Florida (2015)

Interests: Globalization; Political Economy; Social Theory; Privacy; Power; Sociology of the Self

Ernes Sifran

BA Sociology, Florida Atlantic University (2018)
Interests: Poverty and Homelessness; Race and Ethnicity; Afro Caribbean Diaspora; Immigration; Global Sociology; Medical Sociology 

Rand Sutton 

BA Political Science, University of Georgia (1988); MS Political Science, Florida State University (1992); MBA Health Admin., Florida Atlantic University (2017)

Interests: Sociology of the Family; Culture; Social Psychology; Social Inequalities; Immigration

Natalie Taylor


Paula-Ann Wynter

BA Sociology, Minor Criminal Justice, Florida Atlantic University (2018)

Interests: Mental Health; Health, Medicine, and Illness; Poverty; Sexuality