Undergraduate Program

Sociology is growing in popularity as a major in the US and across the world. This "21st century major" gives students a firm foundation for a broad range of careers and, as importantly, for shaping a life in the face of the challenges and chaos of the current era. Sociology gives you the insights, knowledge, and analytic tools to create a path for yourself and to contribute to shaping the direction of social and political change.

FAU's sociology major is distinctive in its flexible "skills based" major. The major lets students choose a plan of study that suits their career interests, focuses on topics that intrigue and challenge them, and helps them to build their own "sociological tool chest" for addressing personal and social problems. Every course includes coverage of core skills and basic knowledge of the discipline in addition to material that is distinctive to the topics. Because of how the major is designed, students who major in sociology will have many opportunities to develop the skills necessary to ask and answer questions about social behavior, social structure and change, and social trends as well as to read skillfully, write and speak clearly, and do effective presentations.

Majoring in Sociology

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The undergraduate major requires at least 30 credit hours in sociology with a grade of "C" or higher, including one or more courses in sociological theory, one or more courses in sociological analysis, and at least eight courses (24 credits) of electives. The Sociology Major Checklist provides more information. Students often combine the study of sociology with other liberal arts or professional fields to acquire double majors. 

Minoring in Sociology

The undergraduate minor requires at least four upper-division courses (12 credit hours) with a grade of "C" or higher. All 3000 and 4000 levels courses are accepted for the minor.