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Academic Terms Glossary

Studying in the United States comes with different words and new expressions that you may not be familiar with, please check this link to learn more about what these new terms mean.

Housing information

Click here for housing information (on-campus or off-campus):

Check out the International Student Housing Guide!

  • This guide was created and optimized for international students coming to study in the U.S. It provides a detailed breakdown of the housing search process, what to consider in choosing housing/types/roommates, and really handy things like a housing timeline, checklist, glossary, etc. 



On-campus Resources

Center for Excellence in Writing

Math Learning Center

Math Lab

Student Health Services (SHS)

Health Insurance

Owls Care Health Promotion

Counseling and Pyschological Services

Center for Learning and Students Success (CLASS)

Career Center

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Adventure Trip

To learn more about these and other resources available on campus click here


Palm Tran

Tri Rail

Driver License


Making Online Payments with Flywire


How to pay flyer


Website: flywire.come/mypayment

Questions? /

Off-campus Resources


Immigration Attorneys

Bank of America




International Student Scholarships

International Student Scholarships

PJHR Student Scholarship Applications (Spring 2018)

Florida Linkage Institute Directory

A linkage institute waiver is an agreement between the state universities/community colleges and foreign countries. The foreign country agrees to pay the out of state tuition portion on behalf of the student from its country.

University of Florida/Miami Dade College

University of Central Florida

Florida International University/Daytona Beach Community College

University of West Florida

Costa Rica
Florida State University

Eastern Europe
University of Central Florida

University of South Florida

Florida Atlantic University/Broward Community College

University of West Florida

Florida International University

West Africa
University of North Florida

For more information about the Florida Linkage Institute click here

Additional Funding Resources

International/non-citizen students can try to:

  • Check their country’s embassy or a consulate here in the U.S. or with the appropriate government office back in their country to see what they offer. 
  • Try the U.S. Department of Labor’s free online scholarship search.
  • Ask the academic department or career school the student plans to attend whether they offer any aid for international students.
  • Check the Education USA website.
  • Check their eligibility for Federal Financial Aid.


How to get In-State tuition if you did at least 3 years of High School in Florida:

Download the Request for Out-of-State Waiver for Florida High School Graduates from the link below and fill all the information:

After you are done, take the form and supporting documents to the office of Undergraduate admissions.


Graduate Assistantship Information

Graduate Assistantships are one way for graduate students to finance their educational studies at Florida Atlantic University. Assistantships are intended to attract high-quality, degree seeking students and provide them with professional experiences while at FAU that will prepare them for their future work.Students interested in applying for an assistantship should contact their graduate programs directly. Some general assistantship opportunities may be posted on the Graduate College's Facebook Page and on the Human Resources Employment Opportunities page .

For more information, check out this webpage:



To learn more about fellowship awards and to apply, see link below.



Grants are awards that are based on financial need or merit-based.

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