FULL-TIME STUDY 16 weeks $4440.00
FULL-TIME STUDY 8 weeks* $2220.00
PART-TIME STUDY Reading/Writing/ Grammar classes  $1480.00 per course

*Students who wish to study full-time for the second half of the term may apply to Session 2 of each Fall/Spring term. Please note that the same immigration requirements as full-time students must be satisfied. 

Tuition includes: Testing, registration, orientation, and courses. There is an additional university activity and services fee which includes access to all university facilities: campus rec, library, tutoring, sporting events, health services and more!



Administrative fee: $75.00

**Medical Insurance: 

Spring/Summer (1/1/20-8/13/20) $823
Mini Terms:
Spring 1 (1/1/20-3/7/20) $245
Spring 2 (3/8/20-8/13/20) $561

Living Expenses: $6283.00

**All F1 students must have medical insurance coverage that meets FAU standards.

Using alternate insurance plans: Students who wish to use a non-FAU plan must apply online for the insurance waiver. For additional information, visit the FAU insurance page.

Government Sponsored Students: If your insurance is included in your government scholarship program (SACM, Kuwait, or UAE), we will provide your information directly to FAU Student Health Services (do not fill out the waiver form).

Refund Policy 

Administrative fees and tuition deposits are non-refundable

Tuition and all fees must be paid online within the first week of class to avoid late fees being assessed. American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA are accepted.

Student refunds are processed automatically when a balance is due to the student. Any amount paid in excess of the amount owed may be applied against charges that are outstanding prior to a refund taking place. In addition, credits issued to a student’s account within 10 business days of a web check payment will be held for an additional 10 business days. 

Dates, tuition and all fees are subject to change without notice.