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English for Academic Purposes

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FAU's English for Academic Purposes in an intensive English Program which prepares learners to transition directly into university level academic programs. Full-time course options available. Part-time option available to eligible students.

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Levels (6 levels + Academic Bridge to FAU)

Beginning* to High-Advanced Levels

*Beginning Level students on the Academic Track must have basic (travel) English knowledge.

Program Duration

Each session is eight weeks. Length of study depends upon initial proficiency


Levels One-Six

Reading, Writing, and Grammar for 12 hours per week

Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation for 6 hours per week

Grammar Seminar for 2 hours a week

A Typical Schedule

 Sample Schedule


Transition into FAU, Undergraduate students

Research Reading, Writing, and Grammar for 12 hours per week

ENC 1101 (college credit)

LIN 2607 (college credit)

**Students who take the transition program and earn a C+ or higher in their transition courses, are exempt from taking the TOEFL. This applies to undergraduate students who have received conditional admission into FAU**
*Eligible students may select to take a part-time or course-by-course option at the discretion of the IEI..

Program Content

  1. Comprehend lectures, discussions, and informal conversations
  2. Read and understand university level texts
  3. Speak confidently, accurately, and fluently
  4. Express your ideas clearly and coherently in writing
  5. Identify cultural conventions of a North American university system