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English for Academic Purposes

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Courses are available on-campus or online.

Contact us at: iei@fau.edu

FAU's English for Academic Purposes (Academic Track) is a full-time program (20 hours per week) that prepares learners to transition directly into university level academic programs. Students who complete this program successfully are not required to present a TOEFL or IELTS score for admission purposes. 

On-campus learning: Students receive instruction in-person and via remote platforms such as Zoom or Webex. IEI follows FAU COVID-19 safety guidlines. Students applying for upcoming sessions should reach out to IEI@fau.edu for more details. 

Online learning: Students receive all instruction via remote live earning. Instructors engage live with their students during class. 

Part-time or course-by-course options may be available to eligible students. Please contact us for details.

Click HERE to apply.

Levels (6 levels + Bridge program to FAU)

How does the IEI work?

The IEI offers 8-week sessions throughout the academic year, and students enroll in the number of sessions necessary to achieve their required level of English proficiency. IEI levels match International ESL standards (the CEFR) and range from Level 2/High-Beginner to Level 6/Advanced.


  • Progression from Levels 2, 3, and 4 normally takes 2 sessions for each level.
  • Progression from Level 5 and Level 6 takes 1 session each.
  • Successful completion of Level 6 provides entrance to the IEI’s prestigious Bridge Program to FAU degree courses.

IEI format track

Each session consists of 8 weeks: 7 weeks intensive teaching and learning, 2 days of exams, and 2 days of American and international cultural activities. Full-time study consists of 20 hours per week:

1.      Reading, Writing, and Grammar for 12 hours per week

2.      Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation for 6 hours per week

3.      Language seminar for 2 hours per week

4.      Additional cultural activities are held throughout the semester for IEI students

5.      Students complete will complete two levels in a full 16-week semester.

Bridge Program to FAU

The Bridge Program mirrors the full Florida Atlantic University semester (16 weeks). Students who complete the Bridge Program successfully will not be required to submit the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to FAU.

Undergraduate Students on the Bridge Program study:

  1. Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Research for 12 hours per week
  2. Two additional FAU credit-bearing courses:
    a. ENC 1101 (3 college credits)
    b. One additional FAU course in your chosen major, such as:
         i. Engineering: ENG 1002 (3 college credits)
        ii. Business: GEB 2011 (3 college credits)
       iii. Other course of interest (3 college credits)

*Undergraduate students may be required to take the SAT/ACT as part of admission to FAU. No minimum score required.

Graduate students in the Bridge Program are required to study:

  1. Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Research for 12 hours per week
  2. Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation at university level for 6 hours per week
  3. Language Seminar for 2 hours per week

Program Content

  1. Comprehend university level lectures, discussions, and informal conversations
  2. Read and understand university level texts
  3. Carry out a research component with accurate citation
  4. Speak confidently, accurately, and fluently
  5. Express your ideas clearly and coherently in writing
  6. Identify cultural conventions of a North American university system