Dr. Lotus Seeley

Lotus Seeley

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Phone: (561) 297-3270
Email: seeleyj@fau.edu
Office: CU 261/Boca Campus

Research: Gender/Sexuality, Emotional Labor and Care Work, Feminist and Sociological Theory, Microsociology, Work and Organizations, Family, Economic Sociology, Qualitative Methods.
Teaching: Microsociology, Sociological Theory, Gender and Work.


Lotus Seeley is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Florida Atlantic University.  Lotus’s research foci are gender, work, and organizations, with an emphasis on the interactional processes through which categorical identities and status structures are (re)produced on a daily basis.  She has examined the gendered experiences of both administrative professionals and IT support workers.  Her scholarship is grounded in an understanding of gender as socially-constructed and performative and motivated by a desire to understand the influence of organizational structures on both individual ways of doing gender and general social inequality. 

Lotus has a Master’s in Women’s Studies from The Ohio State University and earned her PhD in Women’s Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan in 2016.  Her dissertation, entitled Repairing Computers and (Re)producing Hierarchy: An Ethnography of Support Work and Status, examines the experiences of IT Support workers in a university setting as a means to better understand processes of organizational change and the (re)production of organizational status structures.  She argues that to truly understand the contemporary university’s organizational structure, researchers need to take seriously the staff whose interactions with faculty and among themselves (re)produce the organizational infrastructure on a daily basis.  By exploring these micro-level processes through which support work is accomplished, like waiting/queuing and help-seeking, her work shows the on-the-ground processes through which organizational policies become practices.  

As an instructor in the social sciences, Lotus’s goal is to teach students how to benefit from developing their sociological imaginations and applying it to their own lives and immediate circumstances.  Her aim is to help students appreciate the macro-level forces that structure our lives and thus foster students’ discovery of a more useful way of looking at the world beyond the individualism that dominates our culture. 

Lotus is currently involved in collaborative project with Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Spencer Garrison, Taylor Field, Lisa Larance, and Elizabeth M. Armstrong that examines the experience of divorce and/or separation at midlife.  The project examines both heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples and focuses in part on the importance of networks for the development and dissolution of long-term relationships.

Selected Works

Seeley, J. Lotus. 2014. “Harrison White as (Not Quite) Poststructuralist.” Sociological Theory 32(1): 27-42.

Seeley, J. Lotus. Under review.  “‘Show Us Your Frilly Pink Underbelly’: Male Administrative Assistants Performing Masculinities and Femininity.”

Armstrong, Elizabeth A., Laura T. Hamilton, Elizabeth M. Armstrong, and J. Lotus Seeley. 2014. “‘Good Girls:’ Gender, Social Class, and Slut Discourse on Campus.” Social Psychological Quarterly 77(2):100-122.