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The Department of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University strives to provide the very best undergraduate and graduate programs. The Department stresses an open, critical, and diverse intellectual forum for examining...


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Sarah Crawford
Sarah Crawford
Anthropology Graduate

On May 30th, anthropology graduate student Sarah Crawford received notification of a research award from Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research. The Sigma Xi grant program has a highly competitive application process and approximately... Read More

Mary M. Cameron
Mary M. Cameron

Mary M. Cameron first encountered an Ayurvedic medical practice in remote, western Nepal in 1978. In Three Fruits, Cameron traces Ayurvedic medical practices from those village healers to the professionally trained doctors... Read More

Headshot of Meredith Ellis
Meredith Ellis
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Meredith Ellis of the Anthropology department has had her first book, Nineteenth Century Childhoods in Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives (Archaeology of Childhood) has been published. This... Read More


Archaeological Cultural Heritage Project
September 06, 2018

FAU Anthropology professors Valentina Martinez, as Principal Investigator, and Michael Harris (co-PI) have been awarded an Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation grant from the U.S. Department of State for the project...

Meredith Ellis
September 05, 2018

Assistant Professor Meredith Ellis has published her second book, The Children of Spring Street: The Bioarchaeology of Childhood in a 19th Century Abolitionist Congregation (2019, Springer Press, Bioarchaeology and Social...

Monkey in tree
July 16, 2018

A researcher from Florida Atlantic University is the first to document that two genetically distinct species of guenon monkeys inhabiting Gombe National Park in Tanzania, Africa, have been successfully mating and producing...

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