Teaching with Technology Showcase

Call for Presentations

FAU will host the next Teaching with Technology Showcase (TWTS) on March 18, 2024 on the Boca Raton Campus.

The TWTS is designed to create an open dialogue among FAU faculty members about the effective use of technology to support valuable practices in the classroom and online learning environments.

The TWTS planning committee invites proposals for our 2024 event. We are seeking presenters who can offer attendees a vision of the impact and importance of their topic and concrete as well as practical examples of real-world implementation. If your proposal is accepted you will have the opportunity to present methods and techniques you use to enhance instruction.

Teaching assistants and graduate students teaching courses are welcome to attend.

Submit Proposal

The call for proposals closes on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

Submit Proposal
Important Dates

  • Registration Opens: November 14, 2023
  • Submit Date: January 31, 2024
  • Presenters Notified: February 16, 2024

For general information or questions about this event, please contact Alberto Fernandez at alberto@fau.edu.

2024 Program Categories

Generative AI has become prevalent in virtually all areas of our professional and personal lives. Within the scope of academia (K-12 and Higher Education) the use of AI has been hotly debated and contested by parties on both ends of the spectrum and many in the wait-and-see middle. At FAU, we have seen the use of AI technologies increasing in classrooms, research, and daily toolsets. As we navigate this new era, the TWTS committee has proposed to bring together faculty and staff to discuss the transformative potential of AI and how it is used in the areas of teaching, research, and administration.

Whether you are an AI enthusiast keen to share your knowledge or a curious academic eager to learn about the potential of AI in education, this showcase promises a confluence of ideas, debates, and hands-on experiences. Mark your calendars for March 18, 2024, and let's collectively shape the future of AI at FAU.

We are also considering panel discussions and welcome faculty or staff who would be interested in forming a panel. The submission form includes a section for this category.

Proposal categories are detailed below. Proposals that clearly describe innovative and forward-thinking ideas and express strategic direction or tactical solutions within these categories will receive the highest priority.

  1. Using AI to Transform the Student Experience & Teaching
    This track explores ways in which higher education has responded to the changing expectations of learners in the world of AI. Sessions in this track will examine how AI is used to enhance active learning; when AI should not be used; and how to mitigate AI use. Examples include:
    • Academic integrity: the ethics of using AI, bias awareness, data privacy, and security
    • Awareness of AI "hallucinations" (such as in citations)
    • Use of AI tools in gamification
    • Scenario-based essay development using AI tools
    • Brainstorming ideas, real-time feedback
    • Using GenAI to improve thesis statements
    • AI-resistant course activities
  2. Using AI in Academic Support
    This track explores the use of AI in guiding a student’s academic journey through tools beyond the classroom and toward workforce development. Examples include:
    • Advising, career development, predicting student performance
    • Mock Interviews and interview communication skills
    • Résumé creation and feedback tools
  3. AI Show and Tell
    This track encourages discussions around new ideas, interesting interventions, pedagogical methods, wild successes, and/or educational failures from which educators can learn when implementing AI tools into the classroom. Examples include:
    • AI Trends in Education
    • AI Tools for Research (AI Augmentation)
    • Using AI in simulations
  4. General AI Topics
    This catch-all track allows presenters to discuss AI in general based on their respective areas of knowledge or experience. Examples include:
    • General Introduction to GenAI
    • Prompt Engineering
    • AI Fluency/Literacy
    • Redefining Creativity
    • Current trends in AI in academia
Breakout Sessions

Sessions will be of 40 minutes or 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers.

Consider these tips before submitting a proposal:

  • Focus on practical applications of technology use in the classroom or how the innovative use of technology can help the learning experience.
  • Keep your audience in mind. Attendees will be fellow faculty members with a wide range of technology skills.
  • Be aware of your time limitations.

Proposals will be selected that ensure comprehensive and diverse sessions that relate to the theme and focus of the event. You may be invited to present in a category other than the one you selected for your presentation.

Note: The committee may ask faculty members submitting similar proposals to join a panel with other colleagues.

Selection Criteria

All proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the TWTS committee and invited readers using the following criteria:

  • Relevance of Topic: Does the topic connect with the focus of teaching with technology?
  • Proposed Topic Coverage: Does the proposal adequately address the learning objectives and key stated outcomes?
  • Technology Usage: Does the proposal discuss the practical application of technology?
  • Overall Rating: The reviewer is asked to provide an overall evaluation of each proposal.