Web Design

Best SEO Practices for SA Websites

Keywords are the most important part of driving traffic to a page and your website. Include keywords on all of your pages properties section to help drive traffic to your website. Below you will find some ways to ensure you are driving users to the correct pages and to increase your page rank in search results.


  • Include all the terms which are listed throughout the text of the page

    • Example on a Resume page includes; resume, cover letter, cv, etc.

  • Include all relative terms which might be searched by a student

    • template resumes, portfolio, example resumes, etc.

  • Include the Keywords into the alternative description of an image

    • “Photo of a Career Consultant helping a student review their, resume, and, cover letter, as well as going over some, resume, best practices”

  • Repeat the keywords, when appropriate, throughout the body of the content include industry and non-industry terms within the keywords of the page.

    • Try replacing pronouns with keywords to help increase the number of times the keywords are on the page. Resumes are important… Cover letters with a resume can help… cover letters should list… etc.

  • Place your keywords within the title tags h1, h2, etc.

    • <h1>Resume and Cover letter Best Practices</h1>,<h2>Resume Examples</h2>, etc

  • Place your keywords in the page title and URL

    • fau.edu/career/student/resumes.php

  • Reference the page URL throughout your website

    • “You will want to make sure your resume and cover letter are up-to-date.”


  • Include non-relatable keywords;

    • job search tools, interview questions, etc.

  • Stuff keywords in your page description.

    • DON’T: FAU’s Career Center resume and cover letter page will help your resume and cover letter to be the best resume and cover letter it can be to set you up for success in obtaining an interview because your resume and cover letter utilized resume and cover letter best practices and resume and cover letter examples which can be found on this resume and cover letter page.”

    • DO: “FAU’s Career Center resume and cover letter tips and examples will help to set you up for success in obtaining an interview.”

  • Add keywords into your page content and just color the font the same as the background

    • White font on a white background on the bottom of the page.

  • Use the same title keyword on multiple page titles

    • Resume Best Practices, Resume Templates, Resume Examples, Resume Testing, etc.

For additional tips or how to better set up your webpage, request a consultation with the Student Affairs Web team: