Weekly Prep Meeting 

New Instructor Guide for established math courses

  • WEEKLY PREP meetings: We are all busy but taking time every week for the faculty member to meet with the LAs is essential for the success of the program.
    • It allows both groups to give each other feedback, feedback that we as faculty don’t always get and can use to improve our teaching on the spot (this is like formative assessment of our teaching!) The LAs can tell us what students are not clear on and where we need to further focus.
    • It helps the LA not only understand what is expected of them in the coming week, but to think through the HOW to work with groups. What challenges do we think the students will face with the content or structure over the coming week? What are specific things the LA can do (or should not do) to assist the group process?
  • Clarifying the LA role: The LA should know what is expected of them. Where do you want them to sit? When will they be used (there should be SOME involvement of the LA every week)?
    • Add them to your Canvas or other LMS so that they can know everything happening in class and have access to all materials and announcements
  • Have a plan for incorporating collaborative learning and the LA in your course:
    • PLAN AHEAD! What types of things will work in your course to engage students? Will you have similar experiences each class (for example, time allotted for the groups to work on problem sets, peer review, or a case study that they will then present or turn in? Will there be points/grades/participation associated with this?) or will there be different experiences using the group structure?
      • Bonus if you have a course outline/calendar in your syllabus or on Canvas that specifies what will happen during group work/LA sessions.

What other tips do YOU have? Please share them with us!