the la model

Teaching quality, curriculum design and assessment, and heightened student engagement are at the core of student success. The LA model is a successful, evidence-based model centered on engaging students in best practices in teaching and education, namely peer-assisted, active and collaborative learning. The LA Program fosters these core student success activities by providing the necessary framework to create a culture of peer-assisted collaborative learning at FAU by supporting faculty in redesigning their more traditional, instructor-centered classrooms in favor of student-centered learning environments. To accomplish this level of engagement, the size of the learning team increases by embedding trained LAs who facilitate active learning and collaborative group work for all students in the classroom. Students become responsible for their own learning as they are engaged with peers to apply course content. 

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Essential Elements

There are three essential elements of the LA model: Practice, Preparation, and Pedagogy. Each of these elements work in concert to deliver a successful LA experience for faculty and students. 

Pillars - LA Model

  • Practice is the course redesign, incorporating in-class, small group active learning strategies facilitated by trained peers.
  • Preparation (weekly prep) is a meeting between faculty and their LAs in which they discuss upcoming content, reflect on past content students are struggling to grasp, and discuss how to best facilitate learning. LAs act as student advocates by sharing the student perspective on learning.
  • Pedagogy is a weekly seminar for first semester LAs where they discover how students learn, reflect on their own teaching strategies, and share experiences and challenges with other LAs.