Students sitting around a table using the LA model to learn

Thirty proposals were received from instructors covering 28 unique courses in 8 colleges, 18 departments, 3 campuses, and a variety of teaching modalities.

Congratulations to the following courses/faculty selected for the QEP pilot:

Course # Course Faculty/Instructor Department
BSC 1010 Biological Principles Michelle Cavallo Biological Sciences
BSC 1010 Honors Biological Principles Kelsie Bernot Biological Sciences, Honors College
CCJ 4054 Ethics and the Justice System Sigal Rubin Criminology and Criminal Justice
ENC 1101 English Composition Wendy Hinshaw English

In September 2022, a call for proposals was released to faculty/instructors from across the university community who were interested in redesigning a course with the Learning Assistant (LA) Model as part of a small pilot program for the new QEP, Education Reimagined. 

Faculty selected for this pilot will participate in a semester-long LA Faculty Learning Community (Spring 2023)  to redesign their course to include collaborative learning and the Learning Assistant (LA) Model. These courses will then be taught in Fall 2023 with undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) embedded within the course. The QEP leadership team met with each faculty member to learn more about their particular course and ideas. Information was then shared with the course selection committee members, who provided suggestions as to which courses might be poised to make a significant impact on student learning and student success outcomes.  

Currently, the LA Program is thriving on the Boca Raton Campus in four mathematics courses (Introduction to Calculus, Precalculus Algebra & Trigonometry, Calculus I with Analytic Geometry, and Calculus II with Analytic Geometry), one chemistry course (General Chemistry II), and two music courses (Music of Western Civilization II and III). To support these courses this Spring 2023, 56 undergraduate students have been hired as Learning Assistants (LAs).

As part of our continued expansion of LA activities in Calculus, two Honors College mathematics faculty (Drs. Terje Hill and Jason Hedetniemi) will be working to redesign the Honors College Calculus I course with LAs and Drs. Papiya Bhattacharjee and Kevin Drees will be working to redesign an asynchronous online section of Calculus I with LAs. BSC 1010 (on the Boca Raton Campus) will include LAs for their pilot in Spring 2023.

As we approach the Spring 2024 onsite visit for the Quality Enhancement Plan from SACSCOC, we are preparing for full implementation of Education Reimagined. This includes an annual call for proposals beginning in Fall 2023 as we invite more faculty to consider redesigning their courses with the LA model.