Work Life Balance

The conflict exists for women faculty than men in work and family matters. The event of giving birth interrupts female professors’ careers at a higher rate than any other family commitments or disability. Notably, pregnancy, childbirth and raising children coincide with women faculty’s tenure seeking years. According to the AAUP, of the women that enter academia, there is slow improvement in their statuses. There is also an over representation of women in lecturer, instructor and unranked positions.

A culture that supports the integration of family and work is necessary to ensure that women are attracted to STEM disciplines as faculty. This requires policy redesign and strong and committed leadership for a successful shift (AAUP’s Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work).

Several ADVANCE institutions have included child care services on campus. These include lactation rooms, parent support listserve, child care programs/facilities and other resources. 

WISELI Campus Child Care

Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work

Title IX Pregnancy Discrimination