Hiring and Retention

Hiring and recruitment practices play a critical role for advancing women in STEM faculty positions. Additionally, to ensure retention of women as faculty, policies must stress the importance of the areas of research, teaching, service, networking, career development and work-life integration and support provided through programs and guidance.

Reviewing Applicants brochure (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute - WISELI, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Best Practices for Excellence and Diversity in Faculty Recruitment (University of Washington (UW))


Awareness of Bias

Implicit bias is a concept that explains how our subconscious notions about people work contrary to our conscious ideas. These unconscious notions have been shaped and developed by our own cultural upbringing within a given environment, and cause us to stereo type people into groups. While implicit and unconscious bias may appear subtle, its presence can have significant impact on attempts at achieving equity and diversity. Additionally, studies have shown that gender bias can adversely affect career progression (Association for Women In Science - AWIS).

Advance institutions have been able to unveil its pervasive presence in a variety of manifestations in higher education practices. Most prominent among those practices is an attitude of discrimination.  Video on unconscious bias.

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