ADVANCE IT-Catalyst: Transforming Faculty Gender Diversity at Florida Atlantic University


Initial Amendment Date: August 23, 2016

Award Number: 1611704

Award Instrument: Standard Grant

Program Manager: Jessie A. Dearo, HRD Division Of Human Resource Development, EHR Direct For Education and Human Resources

Start Date: September 1, 2016

End Date: August 31, 2019 (Estimated)

Awarded Amount to Date: $249,519.00

Investigator(s): Russell Ivy (Principal Investigator) Evonne Rezler (Co-Principal Investigator) Nurgun Erdol (Co-Principal Investigator) Janet Blanks (Co-Principal Investigator) Josephine Beoku-Betts (Co-Principal Investigator)

Sponsor: Florida Atlantic University 777 GLADES RD BOCA RATON, FL 33431-6424 (561)297-0777

NSF Program(s): ADVANCE

Program Reference Code(s): 7690

Program Element Code(s): 016Y


Florida Atlantic University (FAU) will implement an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation-Catalyst (IT-Catalyst) project to undertake institutional self-assessment activities and pilot best practices from ADVANCE institutions. FAU is an urban, minority-serving institution that has faced challenges in recruiting and retaining women faculty, particularly those from URM groups. FAU will administer baseline and follow-up surveys of tenure track and non-tenure track faculty, conduct an institutional policy review, review ADVANCE best practices, choose practices to pilot, and evaluate these strategies using institutional and survey data.

FAU's team aims to leverage two existing initiatives, broadening their foci to include women and URM STEM faculty: a research mentoring program in which senior faculty are paired with junior faculty to develop proposals, and a leadership development program which will also now include training for department heads on recruiting and retaining women and URM faculty. An on-campus AWIS taskforce will also visit other ADVANCE institutions to learn about best practices and will also sponsor AWIS workshops. FAU's administrative and institutional leaders have communicated their commitment to the project and to the adoption of ADVANCE best practices.

The ADVANCE program is focused on developing systemic approaches to increase the participation, retention, and advancement of women in academic STEM careers. The IT-Catalyst track funds projects that aim to conduct institutional self-assessments and implement ADVANCE strategies that have been shown to be effective to address gendered issues for STEM faculty.

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