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* STUDENTS: Please be aware that all FAU Students registered for the semester are AUTO-PERMITTED. Please make sure to simply login and update your vehicle information. If any Login issues arise, Please Contact The Parking Office. DO NOT CREATE A VISITOR ACCOUNT.  

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FAU Owl Parking Services

To submit a service request, email us at faupark@fau.edu.


Intercampus Shuttle Bus

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and  guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention we are requiring that ALL passengers please wear face covering on the bus. We encourage you to visit the FAU COVID-19 page for more updates - www.fau.edu/coronavirus


Face coverings are required on the FAU-operated shuttle bus and within other official FAU vehicles.

Remember to Protect Your Owl Family. Following safety protocols and public health recommendations will limit COVID-19 on our campuses, as well as locally and across the country.

Students and employees need to continue reporting to Student Health Services (561-297-3512, select option 3) if experiencing COVID-19 or flu symptoms, are exposed to COVID-19 (even if out of the area) or test positive for COVID-19.

General questions related to the COVID-19 situation should be directed to FAUCOVID19@fau.edu. All feedback is shared with applicable departments across FAU campuses to ensure adjustments as necessary. Visit the FAU coronavirus website for additional information.

Parking and Transportation Services provides a free intercampus shuttle service. Students, faculty, and staff can enjoy hassle-free, convenient transportation between the Boca Raton and Jupiter campuses.


The shuttle service will operate from Monday through Friday, departing daily from the Boca Raton campus.
The shuttle will pick-up and drop-off at the same location on each campus.
See below for shuttle route departure times and pick-up / drop-off locations.


Shuttle Bus Departure Times from  Monday – Friday:


Boca Raton Campus to Jupiter Campus

8:00 AM - Departing from Boca Raton Campus (Admin Building)

9:00 AM - Arriving to Jupiter Campus (Admin Building)

9:10 AM - Arriving to Parkside Dr. and Scripps Way

9:15 AM - Departing from Parkside Dr. and Scripps Way

10:15 AM - Arriving to Boca Raton Campus (Admin Building)


12:00 PM  - Departing from Boca Raton Campus (Admin Building)

1:00 PM  - Arriving to Jupiter Campus (Admin Building)

1:10 PM  - Arriving to Parkside Dr. and Scripps Way

1:15 PM  - Departing from  Parkside Dr. and Scripps Way

2:15 PM  - Arriving to Boca Raton Campus (Admin Building)


2:45 PM - Departing from Boca Raton Campus  (Admin Building)

3:45 PM - Arriving to Jupiter Campus  (Admin Building)

3:55 PM - Arriving to Parkside Dr. and Scripps Way

4:00 PM - Departing from Parkside Dr. and Scripps Way

5:00 PM - Arriving to Boca Raton Campus  (Admin Building)


Pick-Up / Drop-Off Locations:

Boca Raton - Administration Building (AD-10)

Jupiter - Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College (MC-01)

Click here for a map of the intercampus pick-up and drop off locations.

For up to the minute route updates and a list of stops, check us out on the ETA SPOT App:

SPOT Apple Download   SPOT Android Download

Click here for a map of the campus shuttle route.


Charter Bus Request

Parking & Transportation Services is pleased to provide shuttle rentals on a first come, first serve basis to any university department or group affiliated with Florida Atlantic University (FAU), for university purposes only.  You will find information on our charter bus options here.


Carpool Program

To park in the carpool spaces, vehicles must display both a valid FAU permit AND a valid carpool permit.  Failure to display either permit may result in a citation up to $50.00.  You must also park in a space appropriate to your parking permit. (Students must park in student parking lots.)  The carpool program is open to commuter students only. Faculty and staff are also eligible for the carpool program. 


How to register for a Carpool Permit

For more information about the carpool program and to register for your Carpool Permit, visit the Carpool Registration website at www.get2fau.com.  If you are interested in carpooling but don't have anyone to carpool with, our partners at South Florida Commuter Services can help.  There is a free carpool matching service provided for FAU faculty, staff and students at www.get2fau.com as well.  

Please review the complete list of regulations governing the use of the carpool parking program.


Where are Carpool Parking Spots

Carpool parking spaces are available in the following parking lots:

Lot (and closest building) Number of Spaces Permits
Lot 1 North End (Nursing) 4 Red Hangtags
Lot 1 South End 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 4 (Biomed) 9 Red Hangtags
Lot 6 (Fleming Hall) 4 Red Hangtags
Lot 6 (Business-second row) 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 8 (Education) 4 Red Hangtags
Lot 9 (Education) 8 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 16 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 19 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Garage 2 5 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits


Special Event Request

FAU Public Safety provides the opportunity for internal and external entities to contract additional law enforcement services with off-duty officers sworn and non-sworn personnel via our Special Events Coordinator. These services may include traffic control, crowd control, uniform security assignments, and other special events for a private or public employer, as approved and authorized by the Police. Every effort will be made to provide staffing for your event.

To fulfill your request and provide an accurate estimate of cost, please complete the application by clicking here.  If you'd prefer to submit manually, you can access the Special Event Request form here. Once completed, please submit the request via fax, e-mail, or U.S. Mail no less than ten (10) working days prior to scheduled event.


VMS Request Form

To reserve one or more Variable Message System (VMS) displays, please click here to submit an application.  Once completed, please submit the request via fax, e-mail, or U.S. Mail no less than ten (10) working days prior to scheduled day(s). 


Go Green Initiative

FAU is strongly committed to helping out our environment. Parking and Transportation Services Office has incorporated many programs that can help reduce carbon emission. Click here to view our additional services offered as part of our Go Green Initiative.

Be sure to check out FAU's Mission Green home page to see what else FAU is doing to promote campus sustainability and how you can help.

 Last Modified 1/6/21