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* STUDENTS: Please be aware that all FAU Students registered for the semester are AUTO-PERMITTED. Please make sure to simply login and update your vehicle information. If any Login issues arise, Please Contact The Parking Office. DO NOT CREATE A VISITOR ACCOUNT.  

Visitor Parking

For Visitors to FAU Campuses 

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For parking updates, please visit wordpress.fau.edu/parking.







For complete contact information, click here.



Boca Map


FAU Owl Parking Permit


Please take a moment to click here and read our Rules, Policies, and Procedures.

To obtain an ePermit, follow the instructions outlined in the section that applies to you.

Remember ePermits are virtual and use your license plate to identify your vehicle, so be sure to enter this correctly!



Green Permit Students (Blue, Green, and Black Lots)


Blue ePermit icon Blue ePermit Holders

As a commuter, you are assigned a blue virtual permit. You are allowed to park in all of the blue lots. Blue permitted vehicles may park in red lots between the hours of 6PM and 7AM unless otherwise posted. Blue permits may park in lot 40 PBSC during the day from 6AM to 11PM. Overnight parking is not permitted, and no vehicles may be parked in the PBSC lot between 11PM and 6AM. 

Green Permit Green ePermit Holders

As an on-campus residential student, you will be assigned a green ePermit and be allowed to park in all of the green lots. Green permits may park in blue and red permit lots between the hours of 6PM and 7AM unless otherwise posted. PBSC lot 40 is off-limits to all green permits at all times.  

Black ePermit Black ePermit Holders (Jupiter)

As a resident student in Jupiter, you will be assigned a black ePermit. You are allowed to park in the black lots on Jupiter and the blue parking lots on the Boca Raton Campus.

A colored Google map of the available parking lots is available here.

To register your vehicle or obtain an ePermit, please click on "FAU Parking Login" and log in with your FAUNet ID.

Changing cars? 

If you will be renting or borrowing a vehicle temporarily you have two options: You may add the vehicle to your account and adjust the ePermit to the new vehicle (no charge) or purchase a temporary virtual permit for the vehicle.


Harbor Branch & Broward Campus

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

Florida Atlantic University
5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946
Ph: 772.242.2247

Broward Campus in the Owl Card Center

Davie Campus, Student Union Room 201
Ph: 954.236.1549

Fort Lauderdale Campus

A parking hangtag is needed to park in the parking garage in Fort Lauderdale. The area reserved for FAU students is located on the 6th floor, section A,C, E and on the roof top – 7th floor. Please contact our office to obtain a valid permit to park in the parking garage. Please be sure to become familiar with the Fort Lauderdale’s parking rules and regulations.

Red Hangtag Faculty Staff & Employees (Red Lots)


Red Hangtag Red ePermit Holders

As a red permit holder, you are allowed to park in the gated flat lot. If the flat lot is full please call the security desk and a hangtag will be provided to park in the parking garage. Please do not park in the parking garage without a valid permit from FAU.

Obtaining an ePermit

Please note that new hires may not be able to access their parking portal accounts immediately. If you have problems accessing your account, please e-mail our office at faupark@fau.edu.

To obtain an ePermit:

1. Go to "FAU Parking Login".
2. Log in with your FAUNet ID.
3. Click on “Buy Permit”.
4. Fill out all information correctly. 
5. Your license plate is your permit, so please ensure the license plate is entered correctly.

ATTENTION: Downtown Campus

When registering for a permit online you will need to obtain a temporary permit from the security office at the Downtown campus. The City of Fort Lauderdale does not honor the confirmation page that is printed at the end of permit registration.

Pricing for Permits

Fees for employees whose employment contracts begin after January 1st and before July 30th are one-half of the regular registration fees.


Permit Type



Assigned Spaces

Light Blue Hangtag



Controlled Access

Red Hangtag



Card Access Lot








AMP and SP Staff (Pay Grades 21 & higher)




SP Staff (Pay Grades 16-20)




SP and Temporary Staff (Pay Grade 15 & below)




All Adjuncts (Regardless of FTE) Sold by semester only.





White Hangtag







A Google map of the available parking lots is available here.  


visitorparking Guests Visitors & Volunteers

Thank you for visiting our campus.  There are designated parking areas reserved for all FAU visitors.

visitorparking Temporary Parking Passes & ePermits




Temporary ePermits

By purchasing a temporary ePermit you will be entitled to park in any of our blue lots.  To obtain a temporary ePermit please sign up at "Visitor Login"

Prices are as follows:

  • Daily - $5
  • Weekly $15
  • Monthly $30



Meters and Metered Lots are available for visitors coming to our campus for short periods of time. You can pay the multispace meters at different locations around the campus. 

 All meters are enforced 24/7.

Multispace Meter Rates

(Cash NOT Accepted)

$2 per hour

(There are NO Refunds)


Only vehicles without a FAU ePermit will be allowed to park at the meters.  If you have a problem with a meter please contact the office at 561-297-2771.

How to use a multispace meter.

Master Meter

  1. Note your license plate number. Press start key on the keypad to activate if blank.
  2. Press 1 to pay with credit card
  3. Enter license plate number
  4. Make Payment with credit card
  5. Please Take receipt (Retain receipt in case you need to add time later.) Receipt does not need to be displayed.

Multispace Meter locations

Meter Maps

Lot 7 Alumni Center / Office Depot Center
Lot 18 (Testing and Evaluation / Student Support Services)
Lot 19 Library
Administration Circle
Palm Beach Plaza


visitorparking Volunteering on Campus

A volunteer is defined as any person performing hours of service for the University without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services rendered and is not otherwise employed by the University in another department elsewhere or in student capacity. For the purpose of this rule, a guest lecturer, teacher or intern, is not considered a volunteer.  

Volunteers will be issued commuter ePermits free of charge as long as appropriate documentation is provided by the respective department to the Office of Parking and Transportation.

An email must be submitted by the Department Supervisor to faupark@fau.edu. Permits are issued by semester only!

FAU Owl How-To Videos

car bullet How To Add A Vehicle


car bullet How To Verify Active ePermit


car bullet How To Buy A Faculty/Staff ePermit


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