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* STUDENTS: Please be aware that all FAU Students registered for the semester are AUTO-PERMITTED. Please make sure to simply login and update your vehicle information. If any Login issues arise, Please Contact The Parking Office. DO NOT CREATE A VISITOR ACCOUNT.  

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FAU Owl Go Green Initiative


FAU is strongly committed to helping out our environment.  Parking and Transportation Services Office has incorporated many programs that can help reduce carbon emission.  Please check out the list below to see the many services we offer.  Click here for more on FAU's Mission Green Initiative.


Electric Car parking Spot


Students, Faculty and Staff can now take advantage of reserved carpool parking spots after obtaining a Carpool Permit. Click here  to learn more.


Shuttle Bus (Owl Express)

Parking and Transportation Services provides a free on-campus shuttle service designed to help move people quickly around campus.  For more information please click here.


Alternate Powered Vehicles

The Parking and Transportation Services Office offers preferred parking to individuals who drive Alternate Powered Vehicles to campus.  There are currently three parking spaces located in the northwest corner of Lot 1 (near the College of Nursing) that are reserved for Alternate Powered Vehicles.   These spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Other vehicles that park in these spaces are subject to being fined and/or towed at the owner's expense.

For purposes of enforcement, an Alternate Powered Vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is solely powered by an electric motor.  Please note that hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles do not qualify as Alternate Powered Vehicles under this definition.


Tri-Rail Shuttle (Route 94)

There is now a shuttle that runs directly between the Tri-Rail station at Yamato Road and FAU.  The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 6:45 am - 9:00 pm and is a short 10 minute ride.  Please click here to be connected to the Palm Tran website for the full schedule and route map.


Tri-Rail Discount Program for Employees

Did you know that through Tri-Rail's FAU discount program, employees can enjoy a relaxed commute to work while saving gas, time, money and helping the environment.  Riding Tri-Rail is on way to reduce air pollution, preserve natural resources and improve your quality of life.  To get your 25% savings, simply complete the application and return it to HR.  You'll receive a discount pass quickly and easily.  Click here for more on how to receive your Tri-Rail Discount Card.


FAU Zipcar

Wednesday, September 24 marked the University’s annual Campus Sustainability Day and this year was special in that Zipcar, the car-sharing service,  officially launched for the entire FAU community.

Zipcar, an alternative to bringing a car to school, gives members 24/7 access to vehicles parked right on the Boca Raton campus. Low hourly ($7.50/hr) and daily ($69/day) rates include gas, insurance and 180 miles per day to go wherever you want to go. Members can reserve cars online or with a smart phone for as little as an hour or up to seven days. More information can be found at http://www.zipcar.com/fau. 



 Last Modified 11/2/17