How do I qualify for a transfer orientation?

Students must have completed 30 credits of college level coursework since graduating high school.

What are the different orientation options?

All students must complete a self-directed virtual orientation at a cost of $35. In addition, students may opt into a live virtual or in-person orientation at no extra cost. Students must still complete the self-directed virtual orientation course whether they join in-person or through the live-virtual session.

How long is orientation?

The self-directed virtual orientation will take around 2 hours to complete. The live virtual orientation and in-person sessions are around 4 hours long.

Are the live virtual orientation or in-person sessions mandatory?

No, it is optional. Only the self-directed virtual orientation is mandatory.

How do I complete the self-directed virtual orientation?

Students can access the self-directed virtual orientation at https://canvas.fau.edu one hour after making payment. Students must achieve a score of 100% on all quizzes to satisfy the orientation requirement.

Will I receive academic advising at orientation?

No, academic advising is separate from orientation. Students should schedule an appointment with a College based academic advisor through Starfish. Full instructions are given in the advising module in the Owldone portal https://owldone.fau.edu

How do I change my major?

This depends on whether a student has already met with an academic advisor for their new student advising appointments.

  • If they have completed this step, then students should contact an advisor in the college of their intended new major.
  • If students have not yet attended their new student advising appointment, they should contact the Transfer Student Services Advising Coordinator by emailing transfer@fau.edu . This staff member is also available to talk to students who have not yet declared a major to explore options.