First-Year SOAR FAQs

Students entering in the Summer and Fall

What are the phases of the SOAR experience?

Phase 1 - Self-Directed First-Year Virtual Orientation

Complete the course through Canvas starting April 3. You must score 100% on all quizzes to satisfy the orientation requirement, and we encourage you to work on this as soon as possible. The deadline, to complete the course and to avoid withdrawal from your courses, is June 21 at 9 a.m. for students starting in summer and August 18 at 9 a.m. for students starting in the fall. 

Phase 2 - Live Orientation Day Experience

First-Year students have options for their live Orientation Session. Review your options in the reservation system.

Phase 3 - Extended Orientation takes place on Saturday before the beginning of the semester. For all incoming Summer and Fall Students, First Saturday will take place on August 17

Check your FAU email for more information as we get closer to the start of the semester

Should I reserve a spot Orientation?

Yes. You will need to log in to and sign up for SOAR. If you have already reserved to attend one of our SOAR sessions, you will be automatically enrolled in our Canvas course and receive information via your FAU email regarding the phase process.

Do I have to reserve for each phase of the new SOAR experience?

No. Students must only reserve Orientation through the Owldone Portal. Once reserved, students will receive a confirmation email with steps to complete the different phases of the experience. Students will also receive more details approx. three business days prior to the Phase II Experience.


How do I cancel my reservation?

The SOAR Experience is required for all incoming students. Please email if your enrollment plans have changed.

Can my family member attend the new SOAR experience?


As a family member with a Summer and Fall start student, you can participate in a three-phase experience:
Phase 1 - Virtual Orientation: Complete Virtual Family Orientation session through Canvas.

Students starting in the Summer and Fall must complete their Virtual Orientation course on Canvas by August 16 at 9 a.m.
Families may request access to their own Canvas Orientation once reserved via a Google Form.

Phase 2 – Orientation Day

First-Year students will complete their Orientation experience virtually (summer) or in-person (fall). 100% virtual:$35 for students, $50 for families. In-Person Experience $35 for students, $75 for families
Families may reserve their Orientation with their student reservation at 

Phase 3 - Family Success Conference 
Families may attend our Family Success Conference at the start of the semester for no additional cost. More information will be shared soon.

Will my family members receive this information?

Family member(s) will receive more information via the email provided in the Guests Section of the reservation form about Family Orientation.

What is opt-in dining?

Opt-in dining is available for students to add-on for all First-Year in-person SOAR sessions. $10.11 includes a buffet-style lunch in the Breezeway Food Court. This meal is included in Family SOAR reservations. Opt-in lunch services and family reservations must be claimed at least 3 days before your event. No day of accommodations will be available. If you choose not to select opt-in dining, you will need to bring lunch or find alternatives during the designated timeslot on-campus.

Can I register myself or a family member for SOAR on-site on the day of the event?

Unfortunately, given a lack of space, staffing, and construction on campus, Walk-ins will not be available on-site on SOAR Dates. If you need assistance registering for your event at least three days prior, please contact our office, and we will gladly assist you, given that availability for additional people is possible.