level 6 academic courses

Academic Communication
EAP 0610: Level 6 (C1 Advanced)
8-Week course

Goal #1: Develop students’ abilities to follow and comprehend extended lectures on academic, general, and cultural topics in English.

Goal #2: Develop students’ ability to articulate ideas in a concise and clear manner in academic/general discussion, debate, or formal presentation.

Goal #3: Develop students' comprehensibility, intelligibility, and phonological awareness.

Student Learning Outcomes

Listening and Speaking

  • Understand and restate main ideas, supporting ideas, details, and examples in formal presentations and academic lectures.
  • Infer speakers’ meaning, purpose, and tone through prosody: rhythm, stress, and intonation.
  • Describe and restate the content of lectures through production of well-organized and detailed notes.
  • Defend a position using appropriate register, vocabulary, and prosody.
  • Effectively use academic vocabulary and grammar when participating in academic discussion, debate, or presentation.
  • Deliver well-developed presentations within specified time limits.
  • Demonstrate correct grammar usage and vocabulary in informal conversation.


  • Demonstrate comprehensibility and intelligibility at an advanced level.
  • Demonstrate effective use of prosody for effect.
  • Demonstrate ability to self-correct.
  • Demonstrate fluency, connected speech, and appropriate register in formal and informal communication.


Intercultural Communication Topics
EAP 0630:
Level 6 (C1 Advanced)
8 week course

The main purpose of the Intercultural Communication Topics course is to prepare entry-level undergraduate and graduate students to succeed at U.S.-based universities. The course emphasizes success by applying several cross-cutting themes, from local university essentials and communication through more specific academic domains of study skills, academic reading, discussions, and research. Intercultural Communication Topics (Academic Communication) forefronts writing/reading skills as key components of course activities, assessments, and measurable outcomes appropriate for success at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The overarching goal of the course is to help students to develop their writing skills with the intended purpose of advancing their abilities to write in their respective disciplines. To ensure students’ success, coursework focuses on academic preparation and acculturation, social skills building and adaptation activities, and field experiences that support learning about the context, the rationale being that international students need to understand and feel at ease in the surrounding culture in order to be effective academically.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Plan strategies for time management and efficient study.
  • Find and evaluate information from a variety of sources.
  • Structure and present information for an academic context using appropriate referencing techniques.
  • Write in two different academic genres with appropriate structure and language.
  • Create a work plan through reflection on skills' development and plan goals for future study.