level 1 academic courses

Reading Writing Grammar
EAP 0141: Level 1 (A1- Beginner)

Goal #1: Develop students’ abilities to read foundational texts with accuracy and fluency.

Goal #2: Develop students’ abilities to produce simple text with foundational mechanics.

Goal #3: Develop students’ abilities to apply foundational grammar to verbal and written communication at the beginner level.

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Read sentences aloud with emerging accuracy and fluency.
  • Employ skim and scan strategies on very simple, basic readings.
  • Demonstrate understanding of foundational vocabulary in level-appropriate text.
  • Identify the central topic and supporting details of level-appropriate texts.


  • Demonstrate ability to capitalize appropriate words in a sentence.
  • Demonstrate use of indentation and correct margins in a sentence.
  • Apply basic punctuation at the end of sentences.
  • Increase foundational vocabulary to write about accessible, everyday topics.
  • Write simple sentences using accurate sentence structure.
  • Write a series of related sentences.
  • Demonstrate accuracy in spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.


  • Demonstrate command of Simple Present tense with focus on 3rd person singular -s
  • Demonstrate command of Be and Have in the Present Simple.
  • Demonstrate command of There + Be.
  • Demonstrate command of Yes/No questions and short answers.
  • Demonstrate command of singular/plural forms of regular nouns.
  • Demonstrate command of parts of speech
  • Demonstrate command of subject pronouns.
  • Demonstrate command of Possessive adjectives.
  • Demonstrate command of basic use of indefinite articles (a/an)
  • Demonstrate command of basic prepositional phrases of time (in the morning, at night, etc.)

Listening Speaking Pronunciation
EAP 0111: Level 1 (A1- Beginner)

Goal #1: Introduce students to familiar, everyday expressions and phrases related to themselves and their surroundings.

Goal #2: Introduce students to routine, daily interactions in conversation and informal presentations.

Goal #3: Develop students’ phonemic awareness and ability to replicate English vowel and consonant sounds comprehensibly.

Student Learning Outcomes

Listening and Speaking

  • Interact appropriately in a variety of common classroom situations by asking and answering simple questions, speaking to classmates, and responding to the teacher.
  • Make a simple self‐introduction providing basic personal details:
    • Introduce yourself with name.
    • Give birthday in month + ordinal number and date of birth in month/date/year.
    • Address and phone number.
  • Give a 1‐2-minute informal presentation about biographical information using familiar vocabulary and practiced phrases.
    • Identify the main ideas and key details of brief conversational or informal listening passages about everyday topics.
  • Answer simple yes/no and wh‐ questions.
  • Give and respond to simple imperatives and warnings.
  • Use simple ordering phrases with basic food nouns.
  • Ask and answer questions related to telling time.


  • Pronounce English vowel and consonant sounds comprehensibly in practiced, high-frequency words.