Everyone wants to be able to say, “I love my job.  This is a great place to work.”  But great work environments don’t just happen...they are created, developed, and nurtured by teams of employees and supervisors all working toward that common goal.  Whatever your role is at FAU, you can help encourage and foster a positive atmosphere.  Here are some useful tips:


  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Make sure employees are knowledgeable about their job responsibilities
  • Insure that employees know the goals and the mission of the department
  • Create a “team” - encourage a collaborative atmosphere
  • Involve each employee in setting goals that support the department’s goals
  • Share information
  • Keep an open flow of communication
  • Seek out employee input, and utilize it whenever possible
  • Make employees feel valued - give specific, positive feedback often
  • Encourage, support and recognize good customer service
  • Resolve conflicts in a timely manner
  • Use constructive criticism, when necessary
  • Accept constructive criticism - be open to positive changes
  • Let employees know you want them to be successful

Employees: (We are all employees!)

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Be proactive - learn all you can to do a great job
  • Make suggestions and be willing to accept that not every suggestion is acted upon
  • Help to create an environment of outstanding customer service
  • Be part of the Team....offer to help others; offer your knowledge and expertise; offer your support
  • Keep an open flow of communication
  • Address and resolve conflicts quickly - use problem solving rather than blame
  • Accept constructive criticism when offered and avoid getting defensive
  • Use positive communication and constructive criticism - make sure you avoid accusations that will cause a defensive response
  • Let your supervisor know that you are committed to success