Reclass/Update Instructions

  1. Once completed the request will be routed through the management chain in Workday.
  2. Once the position request reaches Classification & Compensation it will be reviewed. If this has been done correctly and falls within FAU guidelines, it will be approved. If pay increases are included, additional approval may be needed and it may take additional time to process. Please use “Edit Position Restrictions”, then once approved by Classification and Compensation, use “Request Compensation Change”.
  3. The requesting department is responsible for ensuring that all budget related items are completed and a Costing Allocation will be required. 

All actions (Establishments, Reclassifications, and Updates) with line positions, SP and AMP, must flow through Classification & Compensation in Workday (Compensation Central Partner) in order to be processed, no exceptions.

WorkDay Login

For Job Aids and Tutorials please click on the FAU Job Aids worklet on the Workday home screen.

If the position description is being posted for a vacant position, the “Create Job Requisition” business process is required. This will be routed to Recruitment Services for final approval. They will contact the requestor to discuss the recruitment process. If needed, Recruitment Services can be reached at 7-3058.