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Responsible for Maintaining and Implementing a Uniform Classification and Pay Plan
for SP and AMP Positions

Classification and Compensation

This area processes position establishments, reclassifications, position review and analysis, position description updates, salary increases, compensation/classification studies, internal/external salary surveys, financial disclosure compliance, outside employment approvals, and organizational chart maintenance for the University.

Classification and Compensation processes provide the foundation for all personnel functions within the University. We are committed to servicing the needs of the University community and invite any questions you may have.



Important Information regarding Classification and Compensation

Workday HCM & Recruiting Introduction

Workday is used to document and approve classification actions as well as to post positions for recruitment. Access and use of this system is required for creating positions, reclassifications, updates, creating job requisitions, and job/position postings. Workday is “role-based” which grants users access to certain types of information and business processes based upon the roles associated with their position. In order to be granted a specific security role, a request must be made through the Help Desk Ticket system.

For questions specific to the recruitment process, please contact Recruitment Services at  empl@fau.edu.

Pay Plans
Classification & Compensation Business Processes in Workday

Create Positions - formally Establishments - Use the Create Position Business Process when creating a position for the first time. 

Create Positions to post  – Use the Create Job requisition process when creating a new position to post. 

Updates - A position update should occur when there is a change in duties that are within the scope of the same classification or if additional responsibilities and duties will be permanent. Positions should be reviewed on an annual basis for accuracy. Use the  Edit Position Restrictions Business process when updating a position description.

Reclassifications -  A position should be considered for reclassification if the essential functions of the position no longer match the requirements of its current classification. Use the Edit Position Restrictions and Change Job – Reclassification Business Processes.

Request Compensation Change  – Use this process for Special Pay Increases, Allowances, and other standalone salary or hourly rate requests. Compensation Request Definitions. 

Request One-Time Payment:  Use this business process for Contract Bonuses, Performance Payments, Relocation Payments, and more. One-Time Payment Plans and Definitions.

Fair Labor Standards Act Regulations (FLSA) (Click for summary and link to law) 
The FLSA is the Federal law that defines pay practices, including requirements for Exempt vs. Non-exempt pay status.  Nonexempt employees are subject to the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Most are paid on an hourly basis. Exempt is a term referring to groups of employees that are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and includes executives, administrative employees, professional employees, and those engaged in outside sales.


Letter of Offer for SP to AMP (Promotions Related Reclassifications, Same Position Number ONLY) 

Please scan, attach to the position in Workday, and email a copy of the fully executed offer letter to classncomp@fau.edu 

Compensation Request Form for Vice President’s Direct Reports

Non-Exempt to Exempt Duties Test- Fill this form for position changes from SP to AMP. Please complete form, sign and send to Classification & Compensation at classncomp@fau.edu to be evaluated.

Request for Approval of Perquisites

Request for Approval of Perquisites

Perquisites Form Instructions

  • Please fill it out, save it to your desktop, and email classncomp@fau.edu for approvals
  • After all, approvals are obtained, a copy will be emailed to the initiator and attached to the position in Workday by Classification and Compensation


Classification and Compensation Team

Name Title Contact
TBD Associate Director, Compensation & Benefits 561-297-3026
Taira Bolden Compensation & Benefits Manager 561-297-2061
Brenda K. Ramos Classification & Compensation Administrator 561-297-5781
Kendra Chandon Classification & Compensation Representative 561-297-0055

Classification and Compensation Group Email