Harbor Branch Annual Reports

Learn more about Harbor Branch's research highlights and accomplishments from the past year in the 2018 Annual Impact Report.

Research highlights from the past year along with FY2017 financials and publications.

A year in review of research focused on finding solutions for the Indian River Lagoon, ocean exploration and new medicines from the sea, healthy and safe seafood, educating the next generation as well as a look at FY2016 financials and publications.

Finding solutions for the Indian River Lagoon through: a real-time water quality monitoring network, harmful algal bloom research, Vibrio studies, seagrass restoration, inlet ventilation rate research, modeling in the IRL and marine mammal research; Harbor Branch at-sea: exploring reefs and testing new technology through NOAA-funded cruises, protecting Oculina reefs, using technology to track fish spawning aggregations, partnering to use manned submersibles, utilizing telepresence for ocean exploration, understanding climate change through modeling, informing resource managers through research in Gulf of Mexico, studying the arctic, supporting national security and defense through imaging, studying how tiny plants make big impacts in the ocean; ensuring safe, healthy seafood through safe shrimp production and successful spawning of Sunray venus clams; Finding medicines from the sea: fighting diseases including pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer's, tuberculosis and malaria; educating the next generation; funding sources; donor listing; ways of giving; publication listing

CIOERT Coral Discovery, Exploration Command Center, Indian River Lagoon Observatory Expansion, Study Links IRL Fish Consumption and Elevated Mercury Levels in People, HBOI Builds World's First Ocean Energy Turbine, High Content Imager Expands Marine Biomed Capabilities, HBOI to Partner on Archaeological Dig, Honor Roll of Donors, Funding Update, Specialty License Plate Update, Peer-Reviewed Publications

In 2013, FAU Harbor Branch's printed newsletter - The Bulletin - went to an annual format. In previous years, the Bulletin had been distributed three times per year.

2013-2014 Annual Bulletin
Cooperative Institute's "Outstanding" work, Amendment Expands Coral Reef Protection, New Laser Systems for Undersea Defense Applications, New Way of Monitoring the Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie Reef Study Looks at Effects of Lagoon Flows, Comparative Dolphin Studies, Aquaculture Innovation Continues, Renewable Energy from the Ocean, Medicines from the Sea, Summer Intern Program Update, Link Foundation Celebrates 60 Years, Peer-Reviewed Publications

Winter 2013
St Lucie Estuary Study Findings, Pilot Whale Rescue, Research Briefs, Link Service Garners Recognition, Specialty License Plate Update and more

Summer 2012
Ocean Energy Collaboration, Laser System Passes First Field Test, New Aquaculture System Launches, Summer Internships, and more

April 2012
Patented Sponge Product Curbs Cancer Cell Division, Esther Guzmán FAU Researcher of the Year, John Reed: Brilliant Dive Service, MOA Wins Manatee Bowl, HBOIF Elects new member and officers, Friends Welcome Cindy Willson, Love Your Lagoon, IRL Symposium, Postdocs.

December 2011 Belugas and Birds, Deep Coral Reef Discovered, Why We Love Our Job, Josh Voss: Elon Univ. Young Alumnus of the Year, and more

September 2011
Harbor Branch 40th Anniversary, Indian River Lagoon Observatory, Postdoc progress, and more

June 2011
Oil Spill Research Update, Coral Research Program Expands, 2011 Summer Intern Program, and more

March 2011
Harbor Branch Welcomes Dr. Margaret Leinen, Edwin A. Link Building re-opened, Dolphin Research, and more

September 2010
Brazilian Partnership, Gulf Impact Assessment, Aquaculture Systems , Search for Air France Flight, and more

April 2010
$44 Million Expansion, Harbor Branch and FAU, Aquaculture Collaborations, and more

January 2010
Protecting Deep Coral Ecosystems, Unlocking Mystery of Queen Conch Pearls, and more

October 2009
Exploring 'Living Lights' on Deep Sea Floor, New Campus Center, Friends of Harbor Branch and more

June 2009
Marine Mammal Research, It's All About the Dolphins, Campus Changes and more

February 2009
Deep Coral Reefs, Ancient DNA, Cancer Research and more

March 2008
A New Union, Milestone Staff, Ocean Discovery Center and more

October 2007
International Expedition, Cancer Research, Apple Snails and more

August 2007
Undersea Cures, Saving Manatees, Marine Oceanographic Academy and more

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