Design and Construction Services Mission

The mission of the Design and Construction Services Department is to provide the faculty, students, and staff of the Florida Atlantic University with the best possible environment for their teaching, research, public service, and support activities while preserving for future generations landmarks important to the University’s traditions and heritage. We do this by planning and managing the design, construction, demolition, remodeling and renovation of facilities, and the acquisition/disposal of real estate.

To prepare the Campus to accommodate growth and technological change, we will forecast as accurately as possible the University’s future facilities needs, translate these needs into major capital projects, and exploit traditional and nontraditional opportunities to obtain funding. To facilitate improving the University learning environment, while protecting the Students, Staff, State and Public.

We will protect the University environment from unacceptable development by enforcing the standards and guidelines contained in the Campus Master Plan. We will assure that the Campus Master Plan is kept current so that it serves as an effective comprehensive plan for the development of the University. We will assure that landmarks and other historic physical attributes of the Campus are protected, and, where necessary restored so that present and future generations may fully enjoy the rich heritage of the University. We will ensure that funds provided for projects and the operation of our Department are expended in a manner that maximizes the benefit to the University and is consistent with all applicable laws and rules.

We endeavor to provide our services at all times with professionalism and enthusiasm.