Our goals reflect those of the FAU Strategic Plan as follows:


Florida Atlantic University will create a physical environment that fosters learning and promotes cultural and social interaction among the University’s diverse communities.

OBJECTIVE 1:   Provide functional and attractive physical facilities with technologically appropriate infrastructure to support the University’s academic and collegiate programs.

OBJECTIVE 2:   Provide resources necessary to maintain all current and future facilities in order to manage maintenance proactively.

OBJECTIVE 3:   Review and update a comprehensive facilities master plan to ensure consistency with the University’s strategic plan.

OBJECTIVE 4:   Create a “sense of place” through architectural vocabulary and by developing public gathering places (both interior and exterior), open spaces and collegiate campus neighborhoods to facilitate faculty and student interaction.

OBJECTIVE 5:   Plan and develop residential and student support areas that foster collegial communities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

OBJECTIVE 6:   Provide and promote efficient, safe, and accessible transportation systems that improve the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on all campuses.

OBJECTIVE 7:   Maximize utilization of instructional facilities.