Media Services for Online Courses

We help you with high quality course media.

The Center for Online and Continuing Education offers a variety of media services to faculty and staff. Bring your online course content to life with the help of our full-service media team. The use of media establishes teacher presence and promotes student engagement in your online course. All phases of media production are offered including editing, Canvas integration and closed-captioning.

For faculty creating fully-online courses, the following services are offered through the Center for Online and Continuing Education

Available remote recording options for FAU Faculty include the following:

  • WebEx + Zoom
    live or recorded lectures

  • MediaSite
    Desktop Recording

  • Recorded web interviews

Studio Recording

For fully-online courses, our staff uses high-quality equipment to record lectures, interviews, or guest speakers. Teleprompters and split-screen presentations are also available for online lectures.

Green Screen

Display immersive imagery as the background of your lecture or presentation.

On-Location Recording

Treat your online students to a virtual field experience, utilize our mobile production team to record your video at a remote location.

Self-Service Recording

Utilize our screen capture system to record quality audio, video, and on-screen annotations.

360° Video

Immerse your online students in a virtual learning environment. Capture 360° videos where online students interact with course content via VR goggles or a web browser.

Audio Recordings

Add audio recordings and podcasts to your online course. Our production team will help you deliver outstanding course material to your online students.