Build an Online Course


The Center for Online and Continuing Education (COCE) eDesign process is a collaboration between an Instructional Designer and a faculty member to create a high-quality online course that meets state and national standards as set forth by the Florida Board of Governors.

Student learning outcomes and course-level objectives are used to design the activities and assessments that will help your students successfully achieve learning objectives.

In completing an eDesign, you will be awarded our High Quality course badge.

Proposal Deadlines

Start Your Journey with Us

  • Commit to a Project Plan

    Your project plan consists of a set of agreed upon milestones that ensure the timely completion of your eDesign. This schedule of target dates is carefully considered by the COCE’s Project Management Team. Refer to this important document throughout the process to keep you on track with your eDesign due dates and course-building aims.

  • Partner with an Instructional Designer

    Your Instructional Designer (ID) is your partner throughout the eDesign process. Your ID has the technical and pedagogical knowledge to complement your subject matter expertise. Driven by the target dates in your project plan, this partnership will play an important role throughout this process to ensure student success.

  • Develop a Blueprint

    The partnership with your Instructional Designer begins with the course design blueprint, a structured outline of your eDesign. This document is developed in collaboration with your ID. Your blueprint highlights the connection between course activities and learning outcomes.

  • Plan Course Activities

    The Center for Online and Continuing Education will ensure your eDesign content is compliant with FAU, state, and federal accessibility.

    In partnership with the FAU Libraries, COCE will help you provide appropriate attribution according to copyright guidelines for all of your online course content, including text materials, images, videos, music, and other items.

  • Record Your Media

    Bring your course content to life with the help of our full-service media team. The use of media establishes teacher presence and promotes engagement in your course. During the eDesign process, your Instructional Designer will introduce you to our media team. We will develop a plan to share your expertise through use of the innovative technologies offered at the Center for Online and Continuing Education..

  • Internal Review and Quality Certification

    The internal review serves as a checkpoint for quality assurance and certification. During the internal review, quality reviewers assess the course design based on state quality indicators. Successful reviews result in High Quality (HQ) Designation, as set forth by the Florida Board of Governors. The High Quality Badge is displayed in all HQ courses and is shareable on social media.

  • eDesign Completion!

    We value your opinion and want to know your thoughts about the eDesign process. You will receive a completion survey at the end of your eDesign. Thank you for making our services for FAU faculty and staff even better!

Complete the eDesign Proposal

eDesign Proposal

COCE Copyright Statement: Faculty are encouraged to follow the copyright guidance provided by FAU's S. E. Wimberly Library. COCE will provide assistance for faculty wanting to locate copyright-free resources for their courses.

Proposal submission deadlines:

  • Submit your proposal by February 9th, 2024 for a course you'll teach in Summer 2024.
  • Submit your proposal by June 14th, 2024 for a course you'll teach in Fall 2024.
  • Submit your proposal by September 13th for a course you'll teach in Spring 2025.