Faculty Assembly

Steering Committee Contact Information

Meredith Mountford, President Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Charles Dukes, Vice President Exceptional Student Education
Katie Miller, Secretary Exceptional Student Education
Lisa Finnegan, Archivist Exceptional Student Education
Andres Ramirez Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry
Connie Porcaro Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kelly Emelianchik-Key Counselor Education
Mary Lieberman Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Jack Scott Exceptional Student Education
Bessie P. Dernikos Teaching and Learning
TBA Office for Academic and Student Services


UFS senators

  1. Susannah Brown
  2. Sharon Darling
  3. Charles Dukes
  4. Meredith Mountford (FA COE President)
  5. Cristobal Salinas
  6. Sabrina Sembiante
Last modified: May 04 2021.