Sharon Moffitt

As an Instructor in the Educational Leadership and Research Methodology Department (ELRM) and Coordinator for the PROPEL (Principal Rapid Orientation and Preparation in Educational Leadership) program, I am honored to work with leaders in the University and within Broward County Schools. Working closely with aspiring leaders as their advisor, I assist and support our next generation of leaders.

My experience includes 35 years in Broward County Public Schools as a teacher, curriculum specialist, principal and Director of Leadership and Non-Instructional Development. I worked with the New Teacher Center as a developer and facilitator of leadership coach development across the country for three years. I am currently owner of SRM Educational Associates developing and facilitating coaching programs in multiple states. I have worked with leaders at all levels across the country around coaching for student learning.

My research focuses on the impact of coaching on school leaders, aspiring leaders and teachers. My research also examines the effectiveness of coach program implementation, measurement of the impact, and the fidelity of implementation of the program. It is my belief that strong leaders can coach and lead aspiring leaders who will enter their first leadership position with all the skills and experiences needed to be effective year one of their position.

As an Instructor in Educational Leadership, I enjoy the opportunity to work with aspiring leaders and current leaders in our school districts. I strive to provide all necessary supports while ensuring dignity and equity for all.

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